The Comprehensive Negril Map (June 2017 Update!)

Welcome to the Negril Map Project!  This is the most current version of the map, updated in June of 2017.

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If you would like to quickly find a specific business on the Negril Map, it’s easy to do! Take for example, you want to locate Catch a Falling Star. First, open the map. Second, increase the map viewing percentage to 200%. Third, hit “Control F” on your keyboard. Type in a portion of what you’re looking for, such as “catch”. Hit enter and your screen will immediately jump to the section on the map that contains that word.


In 2006, an ambitious group of Negrilaholics, friends, and entrepreneurs got together to begin a project that grew to be larger than they probably ever imagined with an opportunity to benefit more people than they ever thought possible. United under the cause of helping the children of Jamaica, these individuals exchanged hundreds of emails, donated countless volunteer hours, and walked the same miles of beach and road over and over again to bring the Negril Map Project to light.   What resulted from this dedicated effort is the most inclusive record of establishments, lodging, eateries, bars, churches, and other venues along the 7-mile beach, Bloody Bay, and the west end cliffs that Negril has yet seen.  The Negril Map was originally published in 2006.  Since then, revisions have taken place in 2008 and 2009, and in  2011, a new revision made the map even more comprehensive; it now includes a Jamaica overview map and more details in Negril.

In the spring of 2017, updates were solicited from the Whagwaan in Negril group on Facebook, and those changes were incorporated into this map, now published in September 2017.  One area we were not able to update properly was the downtown .  Assume the individual listings in the shopping plazas are somewhat out of date on the main map.

Although this is an all-volunteer effort, team members have made every attempt possible to include every legitimate business in operation at the time of accounting with very few exceptions, many of which are accidental oversights and will be incorporated into a future version.

This map is offered free for personal, non-commercial use, license-free and without any warranties written or implied. Persons or Businesses may broaden the distribution of this map via electronic or printed means, however, the Map must be offered without charge or fee and unaltered from it’s original form. Should you wish to publicize this map on your own website, please feel free to do so by ONLY providing it as a link to this page. Please do NOT link directly to the pdf (or in the future you may not have the most current version). We appreciate your cooperation.

If you have benefited from the map, we encourage you to donate to one of the organizations listed on the first page of the map.

This map and its accompanying insert maps are a general representation of the town of Negril, Jamaica and many of the hotels, restaurants and businesses therein. It is not intended to be used for navigation, location, reference or identification of any particular property or landmark. This map was created through good will contributions by Talk of The Town Tours a member of Tripadvisor forums along with members BrenJahLee, BostonMel, rastagirl777, Rusty Jones, Ohliz, Blues Pirate, rawlus, rack and Seamuis. This map may not be sold and is intended to be freely distributed. All information contained herein is subject to change and is not guaranteed.

If you notice an error or something we missed, please e-mail [email protected]. or comment on this page. Thanks!


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