Musings from 2010 soloish driving trip

A list of entries from my trip in April 2010. I spent a week in Negril with ekoostik hookah again, but had 4 days before that and 5 after to be on my own. I rented a car and visited some new places and revisited some old ones.

This report, I opted not to do a day by day diary but rather write about whatever I felt like writing about. I’m actually not done, I don’t think. But here’s what i have, so far, from April 2010.

Miserable in Jamaica: An Onsite Tale of Woe

Driving in Jamaica: My Experience and Observations

A Visit to Strawberry Fields

Eighteen hours in Portland

Return to Strawberry Fields

Dornoch’s Head: A Trip Back Into Cockpit Country

Catcha Falling Star Gardens in Negril

A Stop at Font Hill Beach Park

Thoughts? Questions? I'd love to hear them!