Around Jamaica Again (& again!), March and June 2009

This is an index to my trip report for March 2009, sorted chronologically.

  1. Back to Jamaica, again
  2. Getting into the Negril vibe
  3. First hookah show
  4. First full day in Negril
  5. A scooter ride in the hills
  6. Micki and Larry’s Vow Renewal at 3 Dives
  7. 3 Dives Bonfire Jam
  8. Last Hookah Show
  9. A Day in Saint Elizabeth (Pelican Bar)
  10. SeaStar Saturday Night
  11. Last Negril Day
  12. To Kingston
  13. Port Royal
  14. Chilling in Kingston
  15. Heading to Port Antonio on the Junction Road
  16. Port Antonio
  17. Port Antonio and Around
  18. Navy Island
  19. Round the Far Side (Portland and St. Thomas)
  20. Kingston
  21. Kingston to Duncans Bay via Faith’s Pen
  22. Duncans Bay
  23. Caves and Beaches and Chinese
  24. Into the Cockpits
  25. Luminous Lagoon and Out

I went to Jamaica that June also, because I got a really cheap flight. I’ll just add the few posts about that here.

  1. Arrival and Runaway Bay
  2. Runaway Bay
  3. Resort Hopping (Hedo and Starfish)
  4. Kingston (party!)
  5. A Stop in Rio Bueno

Thoughts? Questions? I'd love to hear them!