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  1. Good Morning! Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog and website. (I am Kendra from Minneapolis, MN by the way) we are headed to Jamaica in February and are very excited-I am tearing up with your before and after pics of the kids as mine are roughly the same age and we have those kind of pics from our travels as well, mostly from Arizona where we went frequently over the years as we had family there. The way you write about your experiences reminds me of some of my favorite travel books. I have a question-would you recommend Port Antonio for a first time visitor? I love the idea of Negril beaches, but I really don’t care for jet skis, large tourist groups, AI resorts and love “off the beaten path” nature stuff. Thank you so much! I think you should write a book!

    1. My gosh Kendra thank you so much for your kind words! That makes me so happy that you enjoyed everything 🙂

      I would indeed recommend Port A for a first time visitor, though getting around without a car can be a challenge depending where you stay, there ARE drivers and taxis all over so maybe go with a driver # or two in your pocket, if you don’t go there with one.

      Porty beaches are stunning – assume you’ve seen the pics I’ve taken of them here but if not – but the area is, for me, really about going out to explore the various waterfalls, hikes, rivers, towns and for sure, the different beaches. You *could* veg on a beach as long as you like, too, but you’d miss a lot.

      FYI jetskis were banned in Jamaica after a tourist was hit by one and died. I hear one little controlled area in Ochi has them but that’s it. So not a factor. But Negril still has the banana boats, horses, glass bottom boats, hustlers, vendors, etc….very different scene.

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