Around Jamaica: Solo in November 2008

I created this page to link all the daily pages from my trip report for my trip to Jamaica in November 2008. Blogs don’t lend themselves to trip reports very well, which are usually read from day 1 forward. So hopefully this helps.

Day 1: Duncans Bay

Day 2 : Cockpits Adventure

Day 3: Kingston on the (new) Knutsford Express Bus

Day 4: Blue Mountains and US Election Day

Days 5-6: Kingston and Treasure Beach

Days 7-9: Treasure Beach (a hurricane and a visit to Great Bay)

Days 10-11: Treasure Beach (and dolphins and Pelican bar)

Days 12-13: Treasure Beach to Negril

Days 14-15: Negril and Runaway Bay (with a stop in Duncans Bay)

Links to Places I Wrote About

Thoughts? Questions? I'd love to hear them!