What’s Treasure Beach?

I agree. It’s special.

Treasurebeach.net says it right on the front page.

What We Are:

  • a string of sleepy fishing villages located off the beaten track on Jamaica’s desert south coast
  • a community-based tourism destination involved and active in sustainable local development
  • laid back, friendly, and proud to be Jamaican

What We Are Not:

  • a resort town with jet skis, para-sailing, and glitzy nightlife
  • competing in the rat race
  • the typical tourist trap

What We Offer:

  • six miles of sandy beaches, private coves, and rocky shorelines
  • four public beaches well suited for swimming, snorkeling, and body-surfing
  • an opportunity to learn about the island’s vibrant culture and rich history from the people who live here
  • day trips for sightseeing, exploring, and more

It’s Breds, The Treasure Beach Foundation, an organization worth learning much more about:


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