The Final Day

After we returned from our rafting trip, we had leftover cheese and crackers and breakfast stuff to munch on.  I had notes to take for this very trip report 🙂

We asked that our dinner just be left covered so our helper could go home, we didn’t want to eat until later.   At dusk, I caught the moonrise over the trees.

I heated up our dinner and got it together, realized we could have handled cooking and cleaning ourselves the entire time but it was nice to have someone do Jamaican dishes for us.  This is irish potato, a tofu/veg dish, fish and stew chicken at the bottom.

I enjoyed the kids cleaning up after 😀

We slept well that night after a quiet evening reading, chatting, relaxing. Had a red stripe or two.  Up here “in the bush”, there isn’t much to do after dark. It gets chilly too – I used every blanket I could find and a towel and slept in warm clothes too. We learned after the first night to shut the windows to keep the chill out better.

As a result of the early night, we awoke early the next morning – our last morning as Chicken would be by to get us at about 12:30.

As always, coffee on our balcony over the river started the day.

Sitting out there, we spied a little action on the river – some goats!

Just doing their thing on the riverbank…

Soon behind them came more visitors – there are rafters this morning!

One after another they came down the river.

About 5 rafts.

We waved to them and watched them until they were out of sight around the bend.

C and I took a final walk around, and I took a final dip in the river – last day,  got to. swim at least once.

Chicken arrived right on time and we were at the airport in a surprisingly short time – maybe a half hour or so.  We chilled at the airport (didn’t do Club MoBay this time, for 3 it’s kind of pricey and we had our own food from the river apartment leftovers).  We flew home.  Easy in and out all around, no lines.

I’d like to have some deep reflections to share about this trip now that it has ended but they’ll have to come later. For now, I have really fond memories of this amazing ten days with my two adult children.  We’ve done a lot of stuff, we’ve had down time, we’ve talked, we’ve swum, I’ve reintroduced them to my Jamaica – theirs too, of course.

I have  photos of us from their first trip to Jamaica, back in February of 1999.  We stayed in a villa in Ironshore that year (Xanadu, as I recall), this is the 3 of us in the pool.

This is C and I at Doctor’s Cave beach.

And this is  S at a beach along the coast east of MoBay, headed towards Falmouth.

Feels like full circle. And I’d love to do it again with these two 🙂

Thanks for following along!!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! Loved following along.
    You helped us out quite a bit thru tripadvisor when planning our TB trip last year.
    This year, girls get away for 3 days Negril and 7 days TB. Marblue is booked! Again, your advise has been very valuable.

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