The River

S settled in with a book, C and I took a stroll around the property. I don’t know how many acres it is – a lot. It seems to go along the river for as far as I can see in one direction, and a fair way up the other. There are paths, and we follow them. The groundskeeper introduces himself and shows us how to get around and down to the river itself.

This is outside the gate, on the road.

One of the gates.

We set out….

An old jitney. This estate used to have tourists come up from MoBay to ride around and look at the bananas and animals and such, no more.

The estate office.

This water is bottled on the property. The estate also produces fruit and flowers, we were told.

Hmm…what’s this?

Can you see inside?

A closer look. Doves, I think, but not sure.

Walking the path…

Beautiful tall palm trees around. And a very narrow conifer I can’t ID.

The river!  This is looking down to a path that follows along it. The riverbed has grooves. Remind me of glaciers but not likely in Jamaica, so probably limestone carved by water. This was actually taken from our balcony, you can see a lower levels patio and a path below that, then the river.

Fountains scattered around.

I can’t recall the name of this tree with the red flowers. Anyone know?  Poinciana maybe? This is also looking down at the river from our balcony.

Vines and flowers…

These flowers are a sort I’m told are sold by the estate. Again, can’t recall the name!

It’s a little overgrown in places.

That view of the rest of the house following the curve of the river.

Looking up at parts of it from river level.

Still looking up at parts of the house…

Not even sure which parts are which, it just goes on and on and on….

Now we are down at river level. There are several paths down with steps, we found two,  I’m sure there are more.

A bird chilling on the “island” made of those grooves in the riverbed.

The steps C is standing on lead right into the water. This is where we swim. It was pretty chilly…be nice to come back in summer when the air and water are warmer!  But I went in anyway, because I love to be in water 🙂 This was so fresh and clean, it’s literally drinking water.

My favorite pic of the river, with the sun hitting it just right. to show how clear it is and the rocks in it. It was unbelievably gorgeous and we had it all to ourselves.

A fruit or seed of some kind.

The river looking the other way. Those wooden steps across the water are used by church groups and such for picnics on that land, I was told. We never saw anyone though.

This building was clearly the recycling center. It was FULL of plastic bottles.

Well not full, but had an awful lot.

Following the path along past more cages, though these were empty I think.  I imagine when this was a tourist attraction there were all kinds of birds in here.

We felt like it was a good walkabout. More to see, certainly, but after walking and swimming we were ready to go chill on that balcony and read, relax, etc. We had wifi, courtesy of the estate, and books, a killer view…what else would we want? After the crazy days in Negril this was the perfect place to just relax. Dinner was being made for us, we had a red stripe or two…

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