Over the River and Through the Woods

I’ve been hinting around these past few posts about our final trip destination.  You’ve read that our first booking, in Cousins Cove, had such high waves that the pool, deck and lower parts of the house flooded, so we were graciously allowed to cancel with a full refund.  We considered a lot of options…a return to Belmont area (couldn’t find a suitable place, though since our return I’ve found several),  back to Treasure Beach (too far form the airport and required more travel $), staying on in Negril (no way, I said to that one, I’ve had my fill of Negril).  Kingston and Portland are just too far away, though I’d LOVE to show my children that side of Jamaica…one day.

I also told you that when we had lunch yesterday with Lee, we discussed various options and he had an idea. Several phone calls later, he found us a unique place to spend the last two nights of our trip – a private apartment connected to a working estate, directly on the Great River in Lethe.

The owners of the estate, friends of Lee’s, agreed to let us stay for a reasonable fee and brought in a helper to cook during our stay.  It is not a hotel or a public rental so I won’t name them, but the owners were very kind, though we only saw them a bit. They shopped for food for us before we arrived so we had everything we needed. Good thing because where we are going there aren’t any markets or stores at all.

Chicken got us in Negril about 11AM and we headed towards MoBay, but turned inland into the hills before that. It was about an hour and a half ride, the last part an exciting new narrow winding road into the bush.

Often when I traveled the road from MoBay to the south coast, I wondered about this area. We never really go off that main road and there are turnoffs into intriguing hilly roads fringed with dark green jungle…I’m so excited to be able to finally turn off the main and get IN.

The owners of the estate gave us very good directions, down to which estate gate to drive up to, and we found it easily.

We got our stuff and said goodbye to Chicken for a couple of days. Walking in there was a swimming pool (yay), and our apartment (for lack of a better word – it is self contained but connected to the main house and a couple more apartments) .

This is SOME of the house, as seen not from the road but from the river. It twists and turns along with the river, which is so neat. We are staying in just one small part of this home.

We climbed stairs with flowering vines climbing with us…

And came in the front door. This is what you see straight ahead.

The entry hall.

Looking back to the front door. The artwork and photos on the walls are mostly prints of views of Jamaica in the 1700 and 1800s, including of this very estate.

Here’s one of Westmoreland from the hills:

I’m thinking “that was a nice living room” but no, there’s more…

I’m not sure I’ve stayed anywhere in JA with so much upholstered furniture. Many things are clearly antiques.  I loved the fringed lampshades. And the super comfy dining table.

The windows have the louvers I’ve seen in many places I’ve stayed, but also glass in the middle, which is a little unusual.

I just about squeal with delight when I see this – a table and chairs set out on a balcony looking out over the mountains and down to the river!

Want to look down with us? OK….

Stunning, we thought.

Other way.

We are really high up. Like 5 stories up from the water.  That’s straight down. I’ll have more photos of this view later.

We continue on and settle in our bedrooms – this is the front room with the giant bed, sitting area and its own bathroom.

This smaller room also had its own bathroom.

Ceiling fans but we will not need them, as we will see later on. For now, we settle our stuff and head out and check out the grounds…

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