Evening at 3 Dives and De Bar

We’ve been going to 3 Dives as long as we’ve been going to Negril, overnight. Lee first took us there in January of 2000 and we spent much of that trip there, have become good friends with the owners, I’ve helped out behind the bar and serving – especially when ekoostik hookah comes and plays there with a few hundred folks – and so we never ever go to Negril without spending time there.

Lydie and Paula have know S and C since they were very small. S had a birthday there once, I think his 7th or so. He asked for 3 Dives chicken instead of a cake, and they made a big plate of chicken for him and stuck candles in it 🙂

So we like to go up there, a lot. I was excited to bring the kids too, all grown up (I have a past and present pic at the end of this post). .

We’re here!!

Here’s the latest menu – exchange rate was about $1,000J to $8-9US. At 3 Dives, as at many places, it is better to pay in Jamaican dollars, as you can see below with the lobster dinner price conversion.

3 Dives menu in January 2017

This might be the first time I’ve seen a sign that says someone IS licensed to sell spirits rather than INTENDING to apply for a license to sell spirits…and I see Lydie put it right over the old intention sign 🙂

We ordered our food then sat with Lydie and got caught up. Paula was out of town so we missed her 🙁

here C is sitting with the first of several young backpackers who showed up. They were hosteling/camping at Judy House and had just had a bad (long wait expensive food) dinner experience elsewhere so were advised to come to 3 Dives. We talked with them and Lydie around that table for quite awhile. I don’t think they were much older than my kids, actually.

I walked around the cliff to take pictures. Here’s the main restaurant area from the cliff:

Lydie working in the bar:

A gorgeous sunset.

Taken from behind the stage that has live music every now and then, has tables on it otherwise.

The cliff bar.

Cliff side view of Xtabi.

Sunset again 🙂

S enjoying the view

From behind the stage. That one table has a cool platform 🙂

We ordered a shared dinner, my version of a Jamaican surf and turf. Grilled lobster (with garlic butter for dipping), rice and peas and callaloo, plus a half jerk chicken with the same sides – more than enough food for 3. I think we got plantains too but I didn’t get them in the picture – they’re $200J and C absolutely loves them. This was the best meal we had in Negril, as always.

Was the moon full? if not, then almost. It was beautiful.

3 Dives makes a bonfire on the cliff and it’s silly to go there and not stay awhile after dark to enjoy that experience.

After awhile we asked Lydie if we could go visit Eddie up at DeBar. They’re brothers and we’ve known Eddie as long as we’ve known Lydie and Paula. Eddie’s restaurant and bar is up the cliff a bit towards Rockhouse. Lydie drove us up and stayed for a little bit, then we enjoyed some time with Eddie.

After it was pretty late, Eddie drove us back to our hotel for a nice sleep in his sporty SUV with the DeBar decal on the side 🙂

Chicken is coming in the late morning to drive us to our next stop…

In the yesterday and today photo category, I give you S and C at 3 Dives in 2001:

…and S and C at 3 Dives in 2017.

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4 Replies to “Evening at 3 Dives and De Bar”

  1. OH! We love 3 dives! We stated at Xtabi in September 2016, it was our first time in Jamaica. Now, we want to go back twice a year! Let me just say, I don’t like beans and I don’t like greens, but all I can think about is 3 Dives’ beans and rice and callalou!!! <3 I'm thinking about Treasure Beach next trip, but then, I'd miss our Jamaican "family" at Xtabi…

    1. It’s so hard to find a place and people you love then think of going elsewhere, I know! I solve that one by staying much longer and moving around more so I can see everyone 🙂

      Thanks for writing!

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