The Traditional Negril Beach Walk

Gotta do it. If we stay on the beach in Negril, one day we have to walk the beach – all or most of the 5 or so miles that make up Long Bay. S will sit this one out in favor of chilling on the porch, C and I set out after breakfast, which we made in our kitchen. Toast, eggs, coffee, a bottle of water, swimsuits on, towels in a bag, we’re off.

Since we’re staying near the town (southwest) end of the beach, we turn right and head northeast up the beach, towards Bloody Bay and the majority of Long Bay’s hotels, bars, restaurants, vendors and whatnot.

Off we go!  (And yes, those of you who know surely noticed, this photo was taken later on the walk when we were doubling back to get a drink. Read on.)

As we walked, the Negril vendors did their thing.  One guy did the “walk along” with us trying to engage C in conversation. I allowed that for a minute but when he was finally forced to ask me if I’d let her hang out with him I was like “Nope” and he gave up.   A few vendor ladies called out as we passed and the truth was I needed a baseball cap (I’d forgotten mine at home) and I bought one. But then the other vendors in that area wanted me to buy form them too, like it was unfair or something.  I bought a keychain and told the rest I was out of cash.

And that was that, for vendors. because after that we walked the waterline. (The contrast of a beach walk in Treasure Beach vs Negril is striking. I MUCH prefer the walks in TB).

As we passed Nirvana,where we’d stayed in 2000, I asked the guard if we could go in and take a photo. I have a really cute picture of C back then, in the playhouse:

And they still have that same playhouse!  You know what we had to do.

We continued on, and as we approached Firefly Beach Cottages, I asked C if we could stop in for a minute. Firefly is now run (and partly owned) by an old friend, Andrea. I first met Andrea when she managed Whistling Bird, where we stayed in 2002. Then she moved to Catcha Falling Star and so we stayed there (and Catcha Gardens) several times. She’s now moved here and I wanted to say hi, and take a look at what she’s done with this older beach property.

She was there in the office and after we chatted a bit she set us up with a tour.  The property is fairly narrow but beautifully landscaped with a really nice beach area with restaurant and bar and shade for loungers. The old “Secrets” cabins are still there, idea for the beach purist on a budget. We were shown the somewhat more modern rooms and suites and oh boy, they are lovely.

This is looking out from the one closest to the beach. Restaurant bar to the right, beach lounging area to the left.

And this is the view looking southwest from that same suite. It’s on what seems like a third floor, so breezy, too.

I’ll definitely stay there next time I’m in Negril. Check it out.

By now we were kind of hungry and thirsty and we noticed Wavz, the concert venue back by Nirvana, had a new restaurant and bar that looked really inviting with white canvas shades, a friendly bartender, and a sign advertising 2 for 1 frozen drinks. So we went in and sat down.

I lifted this photo from their FB page because it’s exactly what we saw, from the beach, that looked so inviting.

There’s my new hat 🙂

The drinks were an amazing deal. Dirty bananas were like 2 for $600J (or 2 for $6US – J was again a better deal). We sat and hung out for awhile, ordered a little snack too. I highly recommend a stop by there. It was called Dru’s, and the folks that run it used to be down at Negril Beach Club Condos, small world 🙂

Get in touch –

At this point, I needed to run to the ATM and Lee was around, asking if we wanted to meet for lunch. So we headed off the sand and to the road, to walk on the nice new sidewalk, and see what that side of things looked like today.

To be continued….

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  1. I actually remember that photo of your baby girl from back in the day. Wow time flies! Enjoying this very much!

    1. I bet you do sammy, we’ve been hanging out online together for many years now! Thanks for the nice words from such a great writer as yourself 🙂

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