The Not-So Traditional Negril Beach ROAD Walk

So C and I had been out walking the beach and wound up at Dru’s at Wavz for a couple of frozen drinks. I’d been in phone contact with Lee and we decided to meet for lunch down closer to where he stayed, near Kuyaba. I also needed to pop into Time Square’s ATM as I’d spent all the cash I’d brought. So, instead of walking back down the beach, we walked through to the road and walked down that way.

Years ago, this meant walking on the road side with taxis and other vehicles pulling over in front and behind you to pick up fares or get into a business drive and whatnot. Not anymore. Several years ago Negril built a sidewalk on the morass side of the road, and it is a real blessing.

C and I strolled down that sidewalk passing the far less expensive restaurants, hotels and shops that line that side, with trees providing intermittent shade from the hot midday sun.  Not many vendors work the road, as tourists obviously spend more time on the beach, so there isn’t much in the way of sales pitches to deal with here.

There are chickens, though 🙂  This one had chicks that are hard to see in this photo – they’re the dark spots huddled around and behind mom.

We hit the ATM and met Lee at Brenda’s, right outside of Alfred’s. I believe she is in some way related to Alfred but I didn’t get the whole story. Lee had scoped it out and found an inexpensive place with a good selection of food that is “ready”.  If you want to have a relatively pain-free wait at a meal, this approach is best – ask what is ready. There may be 15 items on the menu but generally only a couple of them are done, and basically ready to be served. He asked at 2-3 places this day and let us know which had what, and we chose Brenda’s.

Brenda was there, and her mom, and we took a table out on the porch looking out over the road. For about $500J each we had lovely meals of chicken, C had eggs of some kind (she doesn’t eat most meat).

You may recall our plans to spend our last two nights in Lances Bay have been canceled (with a full refund from the owner which was nice, the weather was out of her control after all). So we need to decide where to spend our last two nights,starting tomorrow.

I won’t lie – I’m done with Negril. Tonight we’re going to go see my friends at 3 Dives and they are really the main reason we came. I’m ready to move on. We considered going back to Treasure Beach but that seems silly, to head away from the airport for just two nights. I considered a couple of places in Belmont because I liked our time there, but nothing seemed quite right. In any case I’d made a sort of package deal with Chicken for certain rides this trip, and wanted to stay vaguely near MoBay.

What sounded really cool to me was some time in the interior. We have’t been yet, except for the Black River trip, and the kids haven’t been in, ever.

Lee is sitting at lunch with us, with two phones (1 US, 1 JA), and he has an idea. He makes a few calls and just like that, we have cool plans for the last part of our trip.

But for now, we’re going to go check in with S, clean up and rest a bit so we can go up to the cliffs for sunset, dinner and who knows what after that.

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