Sunday, Breezy Sunday…and a Problem with My Plan

It’s Sunday, and we basically did nothing but hang out at our beach, eat at the NBCC restaurant, chill on the porch and read books and stuff. We had a lovely breakfast of eggs, coffee, fruit, toast for about $18US for 2 of us. Not cheap, but the service really was excellent and we didn’t have to leave the property.

The restaurant is called Naila’s.

They do things like bring an ice cold pitcher of water to the table, with a cover so bugs don’t fly in:

Our eggs:

Our view:



We spent some time down on the beach in the afternoon.

C and I went all the way next door to Errol’s, where we paid way too much for two rum punches, thanks to a friendly and persuasive bartender:

He took nice pictures.

Maybe you can tell how windy – breezy – it is. If not, check out this little video:

After our drink we went back next door and ate dinner together – at the NBCC restaurant, again. It was pretty good. This is curry chicken, and it’s boneless chicken breast which is sort of weird but it was actually pretty good.

In the meantime, the weather was not improving. Or rather, the sea was getting rougher – the breeze actually felt very nice on land but it was stirring things up in a big way.  These waves here – they are not normal for Negril:

I planned this trip to have 4 nights in Treasure Beach, 3 in Negril and 2 in….Lances Bay. A sweet seaside villa that an online friend stays at regularly caught my eye a few years ago and the kids agreed it would be fun to try a new place. It’s right on a lovely bay with a deck over the water and a large swimming pool. My friend described days snorkeling from the deck, visiting quiet nearby beaches, cooking and relaxing. That sounded great but it is NOT going to work if the sea is as rough as it has become here in Negril. The villa is on the north coast, not far from Lucea, and this cold front is coming from the north.

I’ve been in contact with the villa owner over the past day or two and she’s now thinking it may be best of we don’t come, the waves are coming up over the deck area, into the pool and near the house.  She’s very cool about it, offers to fully refund my payment.

But as of now, I’m not sure where we will spend our last 2 nights on this trip. We better figure it out tomorrow….

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