Saturday Night Out on the Town

I planned for us to be in Negril for Saturday night, because if there’s one thing Negril is generally good at, it’s being a weekend party spot. We began the night with a trip up to Seastar Inn on the west end, where I’ve stayed before, for their Saturday night dinner buffet and reggae and drumming show. The earliest shuttle we could get (they offer a free round trip ride) was 7:30 so we were hungry when we met the van and headed up.

The food was good, as I remembered. Jerk chicken, very good fried fish with escoveitch sauce on the side, mashed potatoes and veggies, rice/peas, etc. Plenty of food, ready to go, perfect for us.

We were given a nice table with a good view of the show. As always the service at Seastar was very good.

The crowd was mostly American/Canadian, with a few locals both Jamaican and expat sprinkled in.

Since I was last at Seastar they covered the entire dining area, it used to be open. Good thing, as the weather is iffy now.

The reggae show was nice, this young woman sang most of the time:

…another woman was pulled up from the audience and she was great too, turned out she was staying at our place as we ran into her a few times over the next few days.

But what I really enjoy at Seastar are the drummers. And they didn’t disappoint.

Francine, the owner of Seastar, is in the drum group and her children came up and played with the group at times.


And just FYI, the drink menu (drinks other than water are not included in the show + dinner price).

We again shared a Q of overproof and Ting 😀

When the show ended we took the shuttle back down to the beach but rather than going back to the hotel, we met up with my friend Lee. He’s working in JA at the moment and we pretty much always meet up when we’re both there at the same time. We first met Lee back in 1999 when he ran a tour business in JA and found we have many friends in common here in the US. Since then, we see each other often.

He invited us to join him at Kenny’s Italian Cafe owned by a guy not from Italy but from Kingston (Lee introduced him to me).

The place is on the beach road and was actually really neat…feels like “city” to me with hanging lanterns (you know we love those), cloth dividers between some tables, and tents. Very nice atmosphere. We’d eaten a LOT at Seastar so didn’t eat here.

We took a pic with Lee 🙂

After some time here we went to Bourbon Beach for the I-Wayne show which had been canceled due to some permit issue, but where I-Wayne’s backing band was playing for free (I didn’t get why that was OK but the headliner wasn’t but whatever…).

We spent a couple of hours there, S and I mostly sitting at the bar chatting with folks, Lee very kindly accompanying C around the venue as she wanted to dance and check everything out. C loves to meet people and talk and is extremely outgoing, but I am always  a bit leery about the motives of some of the beach romeos that hang out at late night venues, so it was huge for me that Lee watched over her. If we’d stayed in Negril much longer and she’d wanted to go out solo at night, I’d have asked Chicken to accompany her. He’s about 6’5″ and a dad 🙂

While C seemed like she could have partied on into the morning, I think even she was tired by 3 or so when the band finally finished.

We were close enough to our condo to walk back, Lee walked with us. It was a good Saturday night out, capping a very long day.

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  1. One heck of a good travel log. Thanks for including the link from elsewhere. Right amount of pix and videos. I like drums ***. I like bigger drums better but that would mean traveling to Japan.

    *** living in a high rise in Brooklyn made me hate hearing drums but that was because they were so bad. Jazz allows variation but those guys butchered both aspects.

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