Hello Negril Beach, it’s been awhile.

I’m a cliffie, normally. You Negril regulars know what that means…I prefer to stay up on the cliffs, the west end, on One Love Drive, where the water is deep, there isn’t any sand and the sunsets are never to be missed.  It’s quieter up there and everything is a bit laid back, and I like that.

But this time, I had a lot of difficulty finding a place to stay that was in budget and met our needs. Remember we’re 3 in a room, and that can be tricky. We don’t care about AC but do need screens, and want to be on the water. A couple of places looked like they might work and then didn’t, either the hotel was changing ownership or it wasn’t on the water or it was just too expensive. So I turned to Airbnb, which I use in the US a lot.  For the cliffs, still no dice.

But if we were willing to stay on the beach, there was a condo with 2 queen beds, a kitchen, a nice porch, a pool, AC, a nice location in a complex I know,  and cost about $70 a night. I communicated with the owner a little first as it hadn’t had any guests yet, satisfied myself that it would be good for us despite that (I know the property), and booked.

After Belmont, we only made one more stop, to get some drinks and basic groceries for our condo.

This was more or less downtown Negril, as you come from Sav-la-Mar.

Just a car wrecking service…bet they get plenty of business 🙂

The shop.

The owner stayed in touch by phone and met us as we arrived in the parking lot with Chicken. He showed us around the unit, gave us our keys, and his number, and there we were.

I’ll post some pics of our studio. It was in the closest building to the beach at Negril Beach Club Condos. NBCC has been around for decades (and sometimes it shows), has  a pool and hot tub, a really nice deep and wide beach area, onsite restaurant and bar, gift shop, security, nice beach showers – all good for us.  And probably because it was a new listing, it was cheap. I see the price has gone up considerably since we stayed, in fact.

Cheerful decor, very colorful!

We made great use of this porch. That building is the beach bar and restaurant and beyond is the beach. We had a water view., through trees.

We also had a pool view.

And a garden view 🙂

…and plenty of places to sit or lounge, and privacy. It was really ideal., and actually a lot nicer than I expected it to be.

Looking around the studio, here’s the little kitchenette (with full fridge and whatnot though), even a little breakfast bar with stools.

Looking into the kitchen from the stools…

Bathroom was adequate. Clean, good water pressure, everything worked. Decor nothing to write home about but that’s cool with us.

We unpacked and walked down to the beach to check things out.

A funny thing happened on the way to Negril. A cold front moved in. In Treasure Beach we’d had pleasant waves and hot sunshine all day everyday, in Belmont it was calm but getting cloudy, and in Negril it was kind of bleaky (I love that word) and the normally calm Long Bay looked like it was going to get some waves.

A little seaweed has already washed up.

It’s often glassy-calm here, but not this Saturday evening. We were attempting to see the sunset but there wasn’t a lot to see.

And it was breezy (also love that word- it really means windy, in Jamaica).  So we chilled and waited for our reserved shuttle to come at 7PM and take us up to the west end…

(You can probably guess where we’re headed right?)

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