They Call Us Mellow Yellow

We were finally ready for dinner and walked down to a place that had fairly recently opened – Mellow Yellow (I took this during the day, another day, but it fits here, right?)

The place was hopping, all tables full but one, which we took.

The food was GREAT. I especially loved a chicken dish that reminded me of Chicken Lola back at LTU Pub in Negril. Chicken rolled, stuffed with callaloo and cheese, breaded and fried with a sweet-ish BBQ sort of sauce.  Mashed potatoes and veggies.

Here is that, and C’s vegetarian pasta: 

I admit I’m a sucker for a restaurant with tropical plants and colored string lights.  Seems like a lot of people are, or everyone enjoys the food. We ran into the owner of our hotel here, and had a nice chat.

Some sights and sounds of Mellow Yellow:

We went back to Mellow Yellow the next night because we loved it so much. You can see in this video that the bar next door is BUMPING with dominoes and a nice crowd.  It was Friday night, after all.

Here’s the menu.

(We did not try the muffins. There is always next time, right?)

This photo was taken the next night. Different table, same great vibe and food.

After dinner, on our way back to Sunset, we stopped into Jake’s for a nightcap.

Just because.

Such a beautiful setting, right? I guess I like lanterns in trees as much as I like colored lights…

Time for bed, what a day! And tomorrow we have a boat ride with Dennis!

(As an aside…people ask me if Treasure Beach is boring, too quiet. I hope I have dispelled that idea here. We were doing stuff all the time, every day, and could have easily done so for another month. )

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