Prequel to A Boat Day with Dennis

I have taken a boat trip to Black River/Pelican Bar with Captain Dennis Abrahams several times and it never, ever gets old. It’s one of my favorite things to do when in TB (or even when in Negril, a couple of times). We did it our very first time there 13 years ago  and, according to a quick blog search  just now, this was the eighth time.

One time was in 2004, with my kids. My sister in law and her kids, and mine and I, went from Negril to Treasure Beach to do the boat trip because we’d enjoyed it so much the year before when we stayed in TB. We stopped at Jake’s for breakfast, went out on the boat and hopped off in Black River to return to Negril.

Since I never blogged about that, I’ll just include those photos now. I reminded my kids about that trip when we planned this one – as I said earlier, it was the last time we were in Jamaica together. March, 2004.

Here we are, zipping along the coast to Pelican Bar. That’s little C and S.

We saw dolphins that day, on the way. We stopped for awhile to let them play with us…it’s such a gift when that happens, I love it. I’d never take my kids to a captive dolphin attraction as I think it’s cruel, but IMO this is so much better anyway.

Here’s Dennis with some of the kids (and a woman who decided to join us last minute from the beach in TB).

That’s S and his cousin. C was likely swimming.

That’s little C and S.

This shows how shallow the sandbar is (or was that day?), the kids just walked back to the boat.

If you’ve been to Pelican Bar lately, you probably won’t recognize this. This was  Pelican Bar prior to Hurricane Ivan which destroyed it in September of that year.  It was rebuilt within a month, but larger…and now? Well, you’ll see.

It did have this little storage “building”, back then. But this was the last time, I think, that we were ever the only visitors at Pelican.

On we went, up the river.

…to Rudy’s bar where we swam and hung out for awhile.

And then back down the river.

We jumped off at Black River where our driver from Negril met us to bring us back.

Bye Dennis!!

The kids barely remembered this trip….13 years is a lot when you’re 19 or 22.  But I talked to them about it a lot and we were all really excited for the day’s adventure.

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