More of Thursday – Smurf’s Cafe, Sunset on Frenchmans Bay

I forgot to mention that yesterday, one of the times we scootered by, we stopped at Smurf’s for an egg sandwich and coffee.  What a terrific spot. Great prices, friendly service, nice outdoor (covered) seating, a taxi stop out front, and a GIANT URN OF COFFEE – help yourself to it. I can drink 3-4 cups of coffee easy and so can the kids, so this was awesome.  They do charge for each cup but only $100J. It was good coffee too.

You walk into the kitchen and order, get yourself some coffee and sit down – food is brought out to you when ready.

Looking to the kitchen (and coffee!) 

Looking towards the road:

Sitting inside: 

The menu – only breakfast (and lunch?) I believe they close before dinner. 

Our giant sandwich was maybe $400J.

OK, so I loved Smurf’s and would have eaten there many more times but the walk was a tad long for us – if you stay on the western end of Frenchmans or in Billy’s  it’s not long  at all.

So, after scootering all day with C, we returned to chill at Sunset for awhile.

C was reading a book:

I had a blog to keep notes for (lol):

S had some chilling to do (see a pattern?):

So easy to hang out on that deck and relax….

The three of us decided to walk over to Frenchmans Reef (again…really just so nice and easy and remember Eggy’s has been closed this entire trip so far) for sunset.

Always a nice little stroll. (I think they’re both like “hurry up mom!” in this one)

On the way I snapped a pic of the menu at Waikiki. We never did try it, no one we talked to recommended it. I’m sure there is a reason…

So we took our now-normal spot at FR (I really miss that spot. So great for people-watching).  It was really busy today with people playing soccer and hanging out.  It is Thursday – I guess the weekend is approaching.

C walked out onto the beach and got invited to play soccer with the guys out there. Here she is chatting with one of them, she makes friends everywhere. He wanted us to come out to a show later…I for one knew I’d never be able to stay up that late so we declined. C was a little bummed about that. I wasn’t letting her go solo since I didn’t know them so I guess I got the mean mom award. But that’s my job 🙂

I think it was this day that I realized FR has conch soup on their menu for about $150J. Perfect appetizer!!

Soup with a view 🙂

I got artsy with our sunset cocktail mixers.

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