A Boat Day (5 – Pelican Bar and a Dolphin or Two)

Whoo boy has Pelican bar changed since we first went in 2003. It’s larger, busier, has a couple of gift shops – I’m truly happy for Floyd.  And I’m glad the kids got to revisit it.  I’m afraid I’ll never be the only one there again, Dennis says even at sunset/dark there are people now. Ah well.

We pulled up and waited for a group to leave so we could enter. Got a drink, swam.

I’ll let our photos speak now.

S chilled on the (new to me) sundeck most of the time.

C swam with me.

This is the “main” part of PB and the new gift shops in the middle, the sundeck “extension” on the right.

Loving being in the water again….

Back atcha kid.

Underwater pic. Not a ton to see, pretty stirred up by waves, boats and people – Black River is much clearer.

The mom/daughter with us had brought a full face snorkel mask and let us play with it for awhile, which was fun.  I can breathe with a snorkel just fine but this does provide a secure feeling which is nice for some.

Inside the setup is about the same, though ever-more things hanging and more writing on the walls. There was even a guy with a knife who would carve your name into the wood for you, for a price. Hey, see an opportunity – take it!

S and Dennis chilling.

We left after a bit. The waves were pretty big on the return, as they sometimes are. The daughter of the mom/D pair was not enjoying the return – she was a bit scared I think –  so we all pretended to be on a roller coaster and put our hands up and said “WHEE!!!” on every bounce. (For us this is actually super fun. My kids love roller coasters and that’s pretty much what this return ride was.  Dennis has cushions on the seats so it wasn’t even uncomfortable to bounce!)

Dennis spotted a mom and baby dolphin (!!) and we stopped for awhile to check them out.  It was, as you can see, very wavy though, so we didn’t stay too long. But I don’t think I’ve seen a baby before. We’ve had dolphins play with us more than these – these are basically just swimming around us – but you can hear C on the video, she’s pretty psyched 🙂

After we got back we stopped into Frenchmans Reef for one more conch soup, then a beer at Eggy’s (he opened, it was nice to be there for that first night), then on to Mello Yello for dinner, again. It was that good.  After dinner we made one more stop at Jack Sprat.

It’s our last night in Treasure Beach and I’m already sorry I didn’t book our stay here longer. But we are on to Negril tomorrow, with a stop on the way suggested by our driver, Chicken.

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