A Boat Day (4 – feeling crabby)

Leaving Rudy’s (Rudy, himself personally, is a SUPER nice guy, by the way. Ready to chat. I could hang out there a lot longer, honestly. )

So as we leave, we pass this much more elaborate looking place that is clearly meant to be a place tor boats to stop, yet every time we pass it, it’s closed. One day perhaps we’ll check it out.

Just as pretty going down as up…

I forgot to mention this on the way up the river, but there’s a reason, beyond additional time, that the safari pontoon tour boats can’t go to Rudy’s.

They can’t fit under the Crane Road bridge.

We can. but only if we do this: 

The rest of us just ducked down in our seats.  One day I will take a video as we pass under, with everyone making their voices echo and all that stuff you do when you go under a bridge.

Adding a quick pic from a friend who went a couple of months later – Dennis ducking under 🙂

Right on the other side of that bridge is the best stuffed crab I have ever had. “Sister Lou”‘s brother catches crab, she takes all the meat out and adds spices then puts it back in the shell, a little crustacean bowl of heaven – without the dealing-with-crab work you may be accustomed to. I could eat ten, easy (but we ordered two each).

The price varies in J$ but it always seems to work out to 2 for 5 US$.

There’s a bar and when you go in and order drinks you can order crab. I don’t think she serves any other food. We walked around a little while waiting (which wasn’t very long, actually, for Jamaica. Less than one red stripe’s time).

The setting is beautiful and quiet. The mom who joined us for the trip with her daughter came into the bar with me and we proceeded to chat about men and being moms and all kinds of deep stuff with “Sister Lou” (that’s not really her name) . The three of us were really comfortable together and could have stayed in there for a few hours, seriously.  But people wanted to eat.


C took this photo, isn’t it awesome? I love the sky in the river.

Looking across the river.

We are right by the bridge, I think I crossed it (by road) to take this. picture of the other side.

These are real canoes (they call our motorboat canoes also, and they are that shape).  The one in the water looks like cottonwood to me. Folks fish in them on the river, we’ve seen people out before.

I took a little walkabout:

And then the food was ready. Look at this yumminess:

I’m feeling really happy right now. I’ve been boating, I’ve cooled off swimming in the river, I have Sister Lou’s crab and my kids are with me and loving it too. These are the days, folks.

After a bit we set off.  Bye ’till next time, Sister Lou’s…

We’re going fast now because we’ve seen all this, and it’s fun to go fast.

Check us out:


The daughter of the mom/daughter pair with us is allergic to seafood.  Obviously she can’t eat crab and what they serve at our next stop, Pelican Bar, is also seafood. So Dennis stopped the boat in the town of Black River so Sherwin could run to a patty shop and bring her some patties to eat.  We got patties too, even though we all eat seafood, because everyone loves patties and you should never say no to them.

While we waited, a wood carving vendor came by and S bought a turtle for his friend at home who loves turtles.

We happened to be parked really close to the safari boat HQ.  In years past I’ve seen a (real) crocodile on this dock, but not today.

Looking towards sea from our parking spot…this is the main bridge that the highway goes over.  We do not have to duck for this one.

We pass the big fishing boats again.

…and we are out in the bay, headed for Pelican Bar.

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