A Boat Day (3 – swimming with crocs)

No we didn’t swim with crocs, silly. Who would do that, even if they do mostly eat fish? We did go swimming, but many kilometers up the river in the very fresh water that Crocodylus acutus does not like.  I will say that if you look them up online, you’ll find some articles that say they are cool with fresh water, and while that may be true, the folks that live and work on the south coast all say they never see them that far up the river.  And it’s not only crazy tourists who swim here, local kids do too, we’ve met many over the years swimming there. So while it is theoretically possible to meet a croc here, it’s exceedingly unlikely. And if you do, as I pointed out earlier, they live on fish and are not normally aggressive. So I feel the risk/benefit ratio is well in the safe zone, for me.

We went to the dock and rope swing at Rudy’s Bar. We began the river trip at the far lower left of this photo, in the town of Black River on the coast. Black River does split early (see it there – that branch going out the top on the left goes off to YS Falls and such, I believe) , we stayed with the main river going east. Rudy’s is marked here, way off to the right.

We pulled up  and got out of the boat (on the dock), and I almost immediately went in the water…it WAS hot.  I’m not a rope swing kind of gal but luckily it’s very easy to go in and out here because there are large rocks at the edge, underwater, that are almost like steps.

Here is my view of the boat and dock, using C’s waterproof camera.

There’s a ladder to a nice platform up in the tree, you can see Sherwin is helping S with the rope swing while C waits for her turn.

S, ever the jumper (I’ve got a photo of him jumping off the cliff at the Pickled Parrot at age 6 or so) , went into the water first. (And this might be one of the best photos I have ever taken, if I do say so myself):

C wasn’t going to miss the fun, in fact I think she swung out 4-5 times, until her arms hurt. She loves stuff like this, roller coasters, too.

So 1…




A video of her second jump, a cannonball:

You see in the photos how black the river looks. And I told you last post that it’s really clear, as Dennis showed in the video.  But I took this underwater shot just so you can really see that the actual water is  about as clear as a swimming pool.

Up to this point we had the place to ourselves, but then another boat pulled up. I reluctantly got out of the water and the kids stopped playing with the rope swing and we walked over to Rudy’s Bar for a drink.

This is Rudy’s, as seen from the dock area:

Rudy’s has been there since at least 2003 when we went up the river the first time, but he’s expanded a bit. Added a restroom, made the bar bigger, and perhaps taking a cue from Pelican Bar, encouraging folks to add “things” to the inside of the thatch. Dennis had me sign a dollar (well, $50J, I didn’t have a US dollar, so I guess it was about 50 cents) and he put it up for me 🙂

As it turned out we got out of the water for no reason – the boat group didn’t swim at all but came right into the bar. The woman who shared the boat ride with us called them the “vibe killers” and I’m sorry but I have to agree. Not that there was anything wrong with them, exactly, but we were doing this Robinson Crusoe-type thing, swimming and hanging out by ourselves, and they were a fairly large, loud group. We left soon after they arrived.

Think we’re done yet? Oh heck no. This is a DAY on a boat. We’ve got two more good stops to make…and we’re hungry 🙂

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