A Boat Day (1 – heading out)

We woke early enough to meet Dennis for a 9AM-ish departure from the beach.  Dennis’ boat parks in front of Eggy’s new place which will finally open tonight, for drinks, at least. It’s looking good and we plan to stop in after our trip.

C is ready!

S is ready.

Dennis and his assistant Sherwin are also ready.

Off we go. It’s a beautiful day and the coastline is as fun to look at as ever.

Always neat when we pass other boats. Everyone knows everyone, of course.

This group (see them on the lower left?)  was having fun on their mostly private little beach. I’d love to spend a day there.

The ride is nice and smooth on the way out…we’ll see about the return 🙂

We turn up onto Black River where it meets the town of Black River. (First in Jamaica to have electricity! Longest river in Jamaica  (or second, depending who you ask) , starts from underground up in the cockpits.) I’d like to go up there sometime, actually, I like finding river sources in Jamaica. Had a great day at Dornoch’s Head, the source of the Rio Bueno a few years back.  But for today we will explore the lower reaches.

Fishermen readying their “pots”.

Coming through the commercial fishing part of the river,approaching the bridge the south coast “highway” runs over, sort of. (I think most cross-island traffic bypasses downtown Black River now, in favor of the Luana route that the Knutsford buses take, or just a regular bypass, but I haven’t driven through other than to go to TB lately so I am not sure – anyone know?)

Next part of the river is still fishing, but small boats like the one we are on.

Once through the business part of the river, we come to the tourist part…there are several “Safari” outfits that take tourists croc-watching on pontoon boats.  This photo of one is courtesy of Rondel Village in Negril:

As always, I am glad we are not on that one, but rather on our little boat with Dennis 🙂

We motor on, about to enter the crocodile zone…

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