A Beach Afternoon at King Love in Belmont

We woke our very last morning in Treasure Beach and walked over to Pardy’s for breakfast. We hadn’t tried it yet but had passed it several times, admiring the crowd out on the front “porch”.

We went for the callaloo-cheese omelet and coffee and toast.  It was delicious and the service was excellent.

We both ate and brought S back a sandwich.

We walked back to Sunset and said our goodbyes to the very friendly staff and owners – terrific stay, we will be back.  Chicken met us around 10 or 11 to head to Negril for the next few days.  It’s worth mentioning that we have not been in a car since we got to TB..we walked everywhere, and took a boat and a scooter. That was it.

I’ve done this route several times and made some good stops over the years. Font Hill one time when I was driving myself. Sav more than once. I looked into a few things, thinking anytime we make a “transfer” in Jamaica we should really make a tour out of it (my advice to everyone, everytime, in fact).  But nothing was grabbing me.

Chicken told me he has a friend, King, who owns a little bar/restaurant on a sweet beach in Belmont and we could stop there. We all agreed that was the move, and so we wore our swimsuits under our clothes when we loaded into Chicken’s SUV (there it is, the black one, parked across the street from the beach here).

Here’s King’s place. A little Gilligan-Island fantasy, a simple place on a beautiful beach:

…and this stretch of beach is really gorgeous. White sand, blue water and very few people.  S actually got in the water before I did, but I was right behind him. It was so clear and warm we didn’t waste any time.

I’m happy 🙂

This is on the sand looking west:

…and this is looking east:

The weather was little bleaky, as they say – overcast. I imagine in full sun that water just lights up with shades of turquoise…but it was lovely this day too.

C took this from King’s place.

We got out and I took a picture of the kids with Chicken and King:

King is a super-nice guy. We could have had fresh caught seafood cooked for us, but we opted to just have a couple of drinks and swim and hang out, since we’d just eaten in TB before we left.

Looking at the kitchen/bar.

A little photobomb on the beach 🙂

Look, the sun came out and made the sea all sparkly!

A little video look around the place:

You can see the beach has little on it, just I think 3 bar/restaurants. I’m tempted to say it’s like Negril “back in the day” and in some ways I’m sure it is. But Belmont has a fairly major road running right along the beach. It’s for sure less busy than the north coast, but this is the main route from Negril to Kingston, so it is well used.

As we hung out, C spotted a swing….she wasn’t sure it would hold her but Chicken assured her it would and to prove it, he demonstrated:

Chicken is not a small man, I think he’s over 6’4″. But he got on and swung to show her how strong it was 🙂  He even pushed her for awhile, then called S over to do it.

This sequence made me think of little C, many years ago, in Negril, at the old Boat Bar, which had swings at the bar. She loved those swings. This was taken in November 2001.

Here’s the big kid, still swinging 🙂

Time to chill, and dry off.

Meanwhile, King’s getting ready to cook for some other folks.

Lobsters and fish.

King’s got help.

These guys look like they are waiting for some fish trimmings…

And here are the kids with Chicken. It was a really nice stop, we stayed about two hours.

In all, it made me want to go back to the area to stay for a couple of days.  It’s an interesting area. It seems to lack the community of Treasure Beach, but it’s more accessible, being on the main road. Peter Tosh lived and was buried here (we visited in 2003), and there are some neat places to stay on the water, homes, hostels and small hotels. Next trip I think I will check it for a bit.

For now, we are heading on to Negril, we’ve booked 3 nights there. I have mixed feelings about it. I’ve been going to Negril for a long time and we have some very fond memories of the place, and friends there.  I just prefer a slower pace now, places with fewer tourists and more of a sense of community.   But I have the kids and Negril is the place they know best, and I got a great deal on a beach condo there. So, off we go.

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