Scootering around TB with my kid to Great Bay

We ate a delicious breakfast at Sunset – callaloo and cheese omelet. We’ve figured out that we can split one (with toast and fruit) and be plenty full , so that’s what we did.

I’ve rented scooters in Treasure Beach before, from Smurf, aka Kevin, of Treasure Tours.  I arranged the rental as soon as we arrived in TB, or maybe before…in any case someone from Smurf’s arrived at Sunset at about 9AM with our scooter. He rode me to Smurf’s to do the paperwork,and I brought Cass over afterwards for a second scooter for her and Sean to share. As it turned out, Sean was more into chilling at Sunset. Cass took a scooter lesson and was doing great, but in the end we decided if it was just the two of us we’d rather share the one scooter (and halve the cost). Kevin authorized an immediate refund (though he was in MoBay doing an airport pickup) and we got two helmets and took off.

I didn’t take many photos, not even of Cass riding her own scooter. She did, however, take a video as we drove along a bit. You get a look at the central part of TB as well as the potholes and the (lack of) traffic.

We first went out towards Billy’s Bay, but as the road got really bad after that, towards Fort Charles, we turned around. Billy’s Bay beach isn’t as accessible as the other beaches in that the road is further back from the coast and you have to go down a downhill dirt/gravel track that I wasn’t prepared to take a scooter down, especially not with Cass on the back.  So we didn’t get off the scooter.

But Cass filmed some of that part of the ride too:

Oh wait, here’s one photo 🙂

We decided to head out to Great Bay. It’s the furthest away from “center” and not really walkable from central TB unless you trespass on properties along the coast, but very easy to reach by scooter/bike/car.  We had our swimsuits on under our clothes and supplies in the under seat storage and set off.

Great Bay is the most reliably calm bay in TB and this day it was busy with residents buying fish and lots of kids hopping on the piers and jumping in the water. Even the 3 little beach bar/restaurants were full.  We parked the scooters by a shop and walked down to the beach to swim a little.

We found a spot for a cold drink and a view of the goings-on.

We headed back towards “town” by way of the little beach park at Old Wharf, where we parked and hung out for a bit. Upon returning to the scooter I couldn’t start it. Uh-oh. I called Kevin (another time I was grateful to have my phone and its Google Fi service that worked all over TB) and he trouble-shooted with me until I realized I didn’t have the key turned quite right. I started it up and off we went back to Sunset to get ready for, well, sunset – and dinner.

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