Sunset at Jake’s, Dinner at Frenchmans….closing out the first full day

We walked back from Frenchman’s and took a dip in the pool at Sunset. It’s really nice having that pool just to cool off after walks. There’s a nice beach shower, one for feet and one full one that makes rinsing salt and sand off very easy.

S was ready for a nap after the hike and swim….

But C was not, so I took her over to Jake’s for an afternoon snack and fancy drink. She’s 19 and this is her first time being legal to drink alcohol, so it was kind of fun to take her out.

We stopped at Dougie’s bar to see what was on the menu…

..then got ourselves a table outside and settled in to enjoy the view.

Jake’s has changed since I was here 3 years ago. They filled in the seafront area out in front with concrete, topped it with sand and loungers, added a dock with steps and generally gave themselves a nice lounging area and even a place to easily enter and exit the water. Well not “easily” if the sea is at all rough, but it’s much better than it was.  See it here:

The saltwater pool is just as I remember it. 

We sat poolside. 

One of these signs is explaining that when the water is rough the saltwater pool is a little cloudy, the other states that the pool is for guests only.  We weren’t dressed to swim in any case.

Dougie’s bar makes a great  dirty banana. It’s not the cheapest drink or the cheapest place to get one, but it is lovely.  We go to Jake’s mostly for the ambiance. I’ve never stayed there, but I’ve also never gone to Treasure Beach without stopping by there for a drink or a meal, either. 

A view and setting well worth the $6US drink 🙂

We knew we’d go out to dinner with S later so we just ordered some callaloo fritters to snack on. They were delicious served with pepper jelly to dip, and I think about $4US? A bargain. 

I need to sneak in a photo of this kid the last time she was at Jake’s, which was the last time she was in Treasure Beach – March of 2004. We drove there from Negril with an old friend, Sala, to meet Dennis and go on a boat trip to Pelican and Black River.

Here is C, 13 years earlier:

S was there too:

Guests only or not, they and their cousins did swim that time.  These are their cousins. 

Here’s Sala:

In this photo you can see what used to (not) be there, the deck area was much smaller before they redid it. 

Cass and I finished up and walked back to Sunset (which is a less-than-5-minute walk) 🙂

Jake’s taxi stand on the road side.

C is standing in front of Jack Sprat’s hostel (to the left in this road photo).  I think it’s designed mainly for teams visiting the Treasure Beach Sports Park, or other larger groups, as it features big rooms with bunk beds. There are a couple of private rooms but they are fairly pricey. It looks like a really well kept place though, and we could see ping pong and stuff in there.

Here again is the place right across from Sunset – you can see it is called Shaka Zulu – that we were wondering about Always music coming from there.

(OK, I texted a friend to ask and she says it’s a bar but perhaps sort of a go-go bar. That explains the wall and such, I think).

Back at Sunset we checked on S to see if he was ready to get up. It was sunset time and we have a little ritual now 🙂

…as apparently do the residents and guests on Calabash Bay as they were out there bodysurfing again this evening!

We’d spent a lot of money at Jack Sprat for dinner last night so decided to do a budget-friendly dinner this night. We’d checked the menu at Frenchmans Reef and, finding several options for $600-900J for dinner, decided to try dinner there.

We walked over and got a table more or less by the water (not the same area as the bar though we could have also sat there, or inside). Tables were full and we enjoyed our dinner. I had curry chicken for $600J (this is about $5US), C had veggies and rice ad S had the jerk chicken pasta. All were good. Not spectacular, but good.

We went back to Sunset not too long after dinner to chill. Tomorrow morning we are going to get scooters and we want to be rested 🙂

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