Frenchmans Bay in the Afternoon

We climbed around the rocks on the “Buttonwood Tree bluff” onto Frenchman’s Bay.  It’s usually the busiest bay, with fishing boats on the eastern end and a nice long swimming beach on the western, with several bars, hotels, villas and restaurants on it. Over the years I’ve seen a couple come and go but one that’s always been there is Eggy’s.  It was a thatch hut bar right on the beach and about a month before our trip, it burned down. Quickly a gofundme was set up, people pitched in, local folks helped and it re-opened while we were there in this new building, about a month after the fire:

This photo was taken on Wednesday so two days before it actually opened.  We looked and walked on down the beach.

We decided to stop at what would become maybe our favorite beachside spot – Frenchmans Reef. The bar is right on the sand and behind there is a yard and other spots with tables. But the beach bar is a terrific spot to look at the water, the sunset, people watch, meet some locals and travelers,  or just base yourself to swim and hang out.  Good prices, comfy chairs, nice relaxed spot.

The kids both met people. This is S talking shop with another musician.

I took a pic of the drink specials menu for y’all.

Loved this view.

We loved swimming on this bay, maybe best. Nice swells, not really waves, just fun to be in the water.  I’d consider staying on it and I looked around a bit later in the trip for places to do that next time, think I found one.

After our long walk, swim and drink, we decided to head “home” to relax for awhile before dinner and whatnot.

We are having a great first day so far. Everything I hoped about having them in Treasure Beach. They were liking it too, the way I do.

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