The state of arrivals – flying down and entering Jamaica

This trip was really a unique one for a few reasons. It was, in part, a gift to me from my family for my 50th birthday. I planned to take it solo but then my two adult children (22 yo son and 19 yo daughter) expressed an interest in coming, and paid for their own flights to do it.

We’d hoped to go for the holidays but it was a LOT more expensive to do that, so we booked for early January instead, 9 nights/10 days.

This would be my 20th-something trip to JA, their 6th. We hadn’t been there together for 12 years, so I was really excited to be there with them, as adults. We planned to spend most of the trip in Treasure Beach, easily my favorite place to stay in Jamaica these days, and some in Negril for old time’s sake (that’s where we mostly took them as kids), then a couple of nights in a new place, Lances Bay.

We left home at about 3:30AM to get to the airport in time to make our flight. Fortunately, everything was smooth, the change in Atlanta and everything. I experienced a familiar sense of joy when Jamaica came into view.

There’s a service called Club MoBay that promises to speed immigration and customs arrival. It costs $50pp and we didn’t buy it. I’m glad, because we arrived at noon on a Tuesday and waltzed through everything in ten minutes thanks to the new automated immigration kiosks at the MoBay airport, and probably a not-too-busy arrival time.  Seriously we were outside with bags in hand 20 minutes after we landed, and only that long because we had to check our carryons (full flight) and so took awhile to locate them in MoBay (they unload them from the belts there really fast so I always wander around looking in large groups of bags just sitting there.).

SO good to be here….

Our driver this trip was Chicken who I first met maybe 15 or so years ago and have driven with many times.  He has a nice new smallish van that was the perfect size for us and very comfy.

He’s got cold drinks for us so we set off, needing to make a couple of stops on our way to Treasure Beach….

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  1. The pictures arouse my wanderlust. I still have to wait to travel to Jamaica again. Have been there last time in april 2010 (Negril and surrounding countryside). On my next trip I will definitely spend time in Treasure Beach again (was there in 1997) and in the Portland region. I am looking forward to the next chapters in your blog. Your children look nice. 😎

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