MBJ to Treasure Beach (getting all the things done)

We landed  at noon and were in Chicken’s van by 12:30. He’d brought cold drinks but I needed to change money and we were getting hungry, so we had a couple of stops to make.

First stop was HiLo in MoBay to change money. Walked into the FX Trader/Western Union and accidentally got on the Western Union line (oops…) then switched to the cambio line which was much, much shorter.  Got 122 to 1 rate for my US cash. Kids grabbed a couple more drinks in the HiLo and we were off.

I like to ride in front

I rode up front with Chicken and got caught up on everything since i last saw him about 2 years ago.

Ride begins in the city then continues along the coast west, to Reading.

Kids are psyched to be on the road!

First beer where she is legally of age

Once we turn south, inland, the scenery changes fast to steep mountains with lush vegetation. I always love driving through this way and often wonder what goes on in the countryside off the main road (we will find out this trip, later….)

Checking out the steps cut into the mountainsides

Sometimes you have to be patient to pass on this road…

We’re in the mountains we looked at from the plane, always a strange sensation to me.

Often we stop at Border Jerk when coming this way but my daughter doesn’t eat meat so Chicken suggests a soup stop a little further past. For $100J each we got cups of pea soup and they were delicious. On the left hand side of the road just past Border.

Soup stop!

Eventually we come out on the south coast and the views are, as always, gorgeous.

Black River Bay

And eventually, we come into Treasure Beach, with its cactus along the roads and mountain backdrop.  I am so excited 🙂

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  1. UGH this makes me sad and I want to move back to the south. I recently gave up my place near Black River and found a new one in Lucea, for business reasons. But I long for the south.

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