First Sunset at Sunset (Resort)

Apparently what Calabash Bay people do at sunset is bodysurf – it was a blast to watch, a regular party going on down there.

We opted for a dip in the pool instead.

…and then a quick trip to the bar for a Q and a Ting.

Cooled off, supplies in hand, we headed down to the lower deck on the sea, under the palapas.

Clearly, Treasure Beach has west-facing sea views. You don’t actually have to go to the furthest western point in Jamaica to see a cool sunset 🙂

We enjoyed our first sunset together but after the travel, the walk and the swim, we were getting hungry. On previous visits to Treasure Beach I’ve stayed in a villa with a cook or at a hotel with a restaurant with included meals, so I’ve not checked out most of the restaurants in the area.  We certainly could have eaten at Sunset but this was a nice opportunity to check out Treasure Beach in the other direction, toward the somewhat busier area of Frenchmans Bay…

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