We woke up early on this, our first full day, though a good 13 hours after we went to sleep at 8:30 last night!  We decided this was a great time to eat right at Sunset, at the table literally a foot from our room door.

Sunset has a lovely restaurant with seating facing the sea, under cover or out in the sun, inside or outside.

View from our breakfast table:

View TO our breakfast table:

Sunset has a nice breakfast menu with omelets, eggs, fruit, plenty of sides, but this being our first day in Jamaica we had to have a Jamaican breakfast – ackee and saltfish all the way! It’s  impossible to get in the US (OK…someone probably serves it somewhere but it wouldn’t be with fresh ackee!)  Here’s C scooping it onto her johnnycake.

S woke up a little later so waited for his breakfast patiently…

In the full morning light, I took a few more photos around Sunset. This is the bar, open all day.

This is another part of the sundeck, with sand, but wasn’t really being used by anyone. I guess if you like your sun lounger on sand you could put it there 🙂

This is a BBQ area that we saw being used the day we checked out – a wedding party was coming in.

The walk to the office from the road.
…and a morning look at Calabash shows the south coast sun, as a friend called it. On the north coast the sun seems to penetrate the water and show the colors and reefs and things, on the south it reflects off it making it look sparkly. Just neat to see the difference. 

After breakfast we put on swimsuits and coverups and set out for a nicel ong exploratory beach walk.

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  1. Sunset Resort & Villa’s are one of the best deals in Treasure Beach with their full breakfast included in the room rate. Lunch & Dinner are also fantastic especially their seafood offerings including Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna and Lobster to mention a few freshly caught daily by Kory South the American owner of Sunset. He and his Jamaican wife offer the best of both worlds when it comes to hospitality in Jamaica. Room rates are very reasonable and the location overlooking the sea is fantastic. Centrally located it is a short walk to other fine restaurants, beaches and other places of interest.

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