Beach walk, Treasure Beach style

In Treasure Beach you can walk along all the beaches but there are always points at which you must cross onto the road to get to the next bay. (Well, almost always….we’ll get to that).

The first crossover heading west is at Sunset itself (going from Old Wharf and Calabash to Frenchmans), so we walked right out to the road and headed towards Jack Sprat, the point at which you can get back onto the beach.

Right across from Sunset was a distinctive place. Never did ask what it was, but those are plastic bottles in the wall on the left there. Reminds me of a video I saw once about a way to make air conditioning with plastic bottles to channel air.

Moving along, we made a quick stop at Jake’s for a photo:

We stopped  in to Jack Sprat for a jelly coconut ($200J) to take on our walk, and to cross over to the beach.

Right by the restaurant, Jack Sprat has its own little beach with more tables on the water and a lifeguard and loungers.

S makes a beeline for the loungers while we get our jelly coconut.

I took a little video of the scene….

…and we continued on our walk. I don’t think Jack Sprat’s beach/bay has a name, though there are a couple of homes on it, it’s not too large.

It does have, at the far end, the iconic Buttonwood Tree, featured in Treasure Beach photos, artwork, logos and such. Battered by many hurricanes, I’m pleased to report that it lives on.

Looking back at “Jack Sprat Bay”

The hike around the Buttonwood tree is one I did last time I was in Treasure Beach but either I forgot how rocky it was on the Frenchmans side or it’s eroded…but we did some serious rock climbing to get to Frenchmans from the tree!  A little in-water hike too, but we made it.

So the walk continues…

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7 Replies to “Beach walk, Treasure Beach style”

  1. Perfect timing on your new entry, we are leaving Monday for Treasure Beach! Our 3rd stay at Kudehya 🙂 Love your website, it has helped me since our first trip, thank you.

      1. We eat atSunset at least a couple of times, good food! And Cory is such a nice guy 🙂 Last trip we rented scooters for the week, this trip it’s a car lol. Scootering was so much fun, went to Guts River and oh my, that was hard on the butt. Beeping at all the goats made it worth it tho lol. This trip we’re doing YS Falls, Appleton, and I found another set of falls at Maggotty we’re going to check out. Thanks again!

          1. I got the idea for Guts River from your blog. It has the best, most comprehensive info on Treasure Beach to be found 🙂 I rode double as I had the map, and there was no way I could drive and navigate at the same time. I’d never driven any kind of motorbike before so there was a steep learning curve haha.

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