Arrival in Treasure Beach and Sunset Resort

It’s hard to describe the feeling I get when we pull off the highway past Black River and head for Treasure Beach on tertiary roads lined with cactus and grasses. There’s almost always a corner or two around which the Santa Cruz mountains come into perfect view and as we approach, glimpses of clear blue water become more frequent. It’s a descent, this drive, following the helpful Jack Sprat signs for turns.

I used to feel that way when I came into Negril, thrilling at the familiar sights…I feel that way about Treasure Beach now and loved pointing out the windmills and views to the kids.

I’d booked Sunset Resort for our Treasure Beach stay and I’m very glad I did. The hotel has a great location basically next door to Jake’s so it’s easy to walk most everywhere. It has Calabash beach to the east – steps away – and Frenchman’s a short walk to the west. Further on to the east is Old Wharf beach and Great Bay and further west is Billy’s Bay and Fort Charles.

The hotel has maybe a dozen rooms, a really lovely pool, restaurant, bar and lounging areas along the seafront, and the folks that worked there were all really friendly and helpful.

Looking at the sea over the pool.

Looking to the left, to Calabash Bay. This being January it was rougher than I’ve seen it at other times of year, but very nice for bodysurfing. 

Sunset is the last property on the end of Calabash. A few steps down to the sand and we were swimming.

Looking at Calabash over the palapas on Sunset’s lower deck.

The upper deck and bar at Sunset. The bar is in the building with the thatch roof.

Sunset from the street. Lots of these murals along the street-facing walls and drive.

Another view of Calabash from the Sunset deck. Those palapas below were our go-to spot for sunset viewing.

Taking in the view from the pool deck.

The Jamaican flag flying over Sunset.

A Little Piece of Heaven…I won’t argue 🙂  This is the restaurant. There are more tables inside and around the pool but most people sat at these.

Our room was in the door to the right in this photo. We had Blue Dolphin which is a deluxe, but not quite seafront, room. Obviously it had a great view of the sea right outside the door and even from one window, but our patio faced a garden. I think 4-6 rooms are truly considered seafront there.

Our room, like some of the others, had been recently renovated.

I’ll add these photos of the room from the Sunset web site – it looked exactly the same when we stayed except we swapped out the couch for a twin bed.

Our room had a fridge, coffee maker, huge walk in closet with shelving and hangers and plenty of space.
Facing the door and the sea
Large bathroom with lovely shower through that door.

Sunset has a dog or two around, as many Jamaican properties do.  Both very friendly.

Loved seeing the flag flying high.

We got settled in, unpacked, looked around….but it was only about 4PM so C and I decided to take a walk and explore the new neighborhood…

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  1. Hi, I’m going with one of my daughters (age 25) – she really hates Negril & has been going since before she could walk until age 18. She used to love Negril but grew to hate the hassle/hussle so it is off to Treasure Beach. I always enjoy your trip reports — I got banned from for posting gleaner links.

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