A Walk with my Daughter

My kids are adults now, my son 22 and daughter 19.  They’ve both been to Jamaica several times, we counted this their 6th trip.  My son loves to relax with a book, my daughter loves to explore and do things. I meet them in the middle by making sure we do both, and allowing my son to sit a few things out if he wants to. Upon arrival at the hotel and an initial lookabout, he decided to relax and my daughter and I decided to take a walk and explore our surroundings a bit before sunset and dinner.  We need to swim, too…never can resist that water for long!

We decided to set out west, to Calabash Bay (“our beach” this trip), and beyond.

Right on Calabash we walked along admiring the villas on that stretch.

At this villa, with the nice lounger out on the sand, we picked up a friend. My D loves dogs and this one was happy to be our tour guide.

As we walk along the beach, the villas give way to the fishing co-op and a small bar and guesthouse, ending at the point of the bay where it meets what I consider the Old Wharf beach area.

Fishing boats are in the water and beached on sand.

A canoe resting near the co-op.  One of many things I love about Treasure Beach is that visitors stay next door to local residences, workplaces are mixed in, community centers, shops, churches…all together. No big resorts, no private beaches…visitors stay IN the community here.

Co-op “parking”.

Nice little chilling area.

We’re enjoying the walk so we continue around the point to the beach I know very well from three previous visits…with our buddy as a guide.

He (she?) seems to enjoy the tide pools formed by the rocky eastern edge of the beach.

Old coral in the sand.

The top of Kudehya peeking through the trees in this photo…we are just about in front of Mar Blue and to my surprise, Axel and Andrea are there. We stopped in for a visit with them.

I have enjoyed staying there in the past but it wasn’t quite right for this trip. Still good to see them and catch up, and show my daughter the quiet residential beach that is Old Wharf.

A guesthouse I intended to check out for a future stay but didn’t get a chance.

…and continued just a little way further. The beach at Old Wharf was fairly rough this day so we opted not to swim there and instead get back to Sunset for, well, sunset 🙂

So we walked back. This is Calabash as seen from Old Wharf. Sunset”s white seawall is visible in the far background.

Looking to the western edge of Calabash, Sunset is on the point. 

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