Places to stay in Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields forever….yes there is a real one, in Jamaica. There is a resort by that name but I refer to the “town” with the same name.

If you are traveling on the main north coast road, between Port Maria in St. Mary and Annotto Bay in Portland, there is an area that the road bypasses. I visited it and described this in two previous blog posts (1 and 2).

Back in the 1970’s it was a hippie haven, but the current resort is pretty upscale. I hear good things about it but haven’t visited as it’s a bit pricey for what I was doing when I was in that area. Super nice private beach and cottages.

Strawberry Fields Together resort
Strawberry Fields Together resort

There are other places to stay and I want to link them because they cover a wide range of styles and prices.

First, is Sata’s place. It’s not easy to call ahead but if you are in SF, the store (there’s really just the one, with a bar, just past the SF resort), is in front of it and can locate him for you.  His cottages are basic but comfy with beds and nets – think A++ camping or basic room. Prices match, I think he was charging $10-15 when I was there. So budget folks, check that out. The setting and views are unbelievable.

One of Sata's 3 cottages
One of Sata’s 3 cottages
Drinks by the sea at Sata's, food served here too
Drinks by the sea at Sata’s, food served here too

I visited River Lodge , just a short stroll down the road. This one is written up in a lot of guidebooks because it’s cool – it’s an old Spanish Fort converted into a guesthouse.  There’s a nice little pool for swimming on the property, and the rooms are pretty comfy. Still rustic, but very unique.

Stairs to one of the rooms at River Lodge
Stairs to one of the rooms at River Lodge
A room at River Lodge
A room at River Lodge

Now comes one that I didn’t know about when I was there, or actually I don’t think it existed yet as rentable cabins. Yerba Buena is a working farm as well.

Over in Robin’s Bay, you’ll pass the Robin’s Bay Resort. It’s large, and strikes me as the sort of places people might have large events, like weddings and conferences. Not so much a place for an adventure traveler to stay, but you can check it as you pass and see. No web site i am ware of for it.

The following photos were taken by a photographer who went on a hike there a few years back.


The Rugged and Wild coastline


One of the deserted and beautiful area beaches


Kwame Falls. A nice hike into the jungle from a black sand beach takes you here.


Dramatic beach

His photographs of Jamaica are amazing and well worth checking out. The ones he took at Morant Point have inspired me to visit there one day.

Do you know any other places to stay in the area?  A good contact for Sata? I’d gladly add to this post, just comment and let me know.

Happy trails!

Thoughts? Questions? I'd love to hear them!