“Jammaica” in Negril and Kingston, April 2014

This year I once again came to Jamaica with a hundred or so good friends. Some are in an amazing band (ekoostik hookah, or Oakhurst, or Rumpke Mountain Boys, or Midnight Railroad), some came to hang out, some came to get married, and all came to celebrate a birthday for a friend. It was a fantastic 10 days and I will write about some of it here.

As always, I try to address practical things like phones and hotels and transportation, but I also like to share my fun and somewhat more personal stuff. It’s all mixed together, so sorry 🙂

  1. Catcha Falling Star Gardens (terrific again)
  2. Phoning Home (and everywhere else) from Jamaica
  3. Bar B Barn Hotel in Negril and the Beach in General
  4. Eating in the Deep West End of Negril
  5. Jam Night at 3 Dives
  6. Birthday day at Llantrissant and dinner at Blue Cave Castle (Teddy’s Hideaway)
  7. Scooting Around Negril and the Countryside 
  8. The Rumpke/Hookah/Max-Chris Shows
  9. The Knutsford Express
  10. Yachts in Kingston
  11. Blood Moon over Kingston
  12. ….and whatever else I feel like writing about after 🙂

4 Replies to ““Jammaica” in Negril and Kingston, April 2014”

  1. Hi and read one of posts on Thorn Tree . . you recommended Mayfield to someone looking to get off the beaten path . . decided to check your profile and blog and introduce myself, I've got an ecolodge next to Mayfield Falls .. PS the gentleman from Jurassic Park custom welded some barstool for my place . . .

  2. Hi Ohliz; Big_frank here. Wish I had checked your site earlier. Didn't know you posted a spring trip.
    On the verge of tearing up several times. (after a couple of glasses of my home-made wine).
    Great info on the Lime phone.
    Linda and I were at Seastar in January and had our new Surface Tab for communication but a cheap phone like your would have been great.
    Even though we were on the island only 9 months ago, it seems like an eternity, so thanks for the update and report.
    I would really like to see the band some day. (I'm strumming my '66 Fender Mustang, Dakota Red, while I read your report).
    Did you know that Chris from Seastar once owned Tykes Bikes?
    Did you feel safe and secure in Kingston? That super-bus is something we would like to try some time.
    Anyway, great report. Thank you and a big hug from Big_frank

  3. Hello frank!

    I didn't know Chris once owned Tykes. I did rent directly from Seastar one year when I stayed there but when they stopped I started using Tyke's. Great bikes, prices, people.

    In Kingston I do feel safe and secure but as you read, I have friends there I stay with. Now that i have been a few times, I'd feel fine going there solo, and in fact do spend some time walking around by myself, and am OK with that. I have only really hung out uptown though.

    So happy you enjoyed frank, thanks for stopping by!

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