12: To Pelican Bar

After our swim and stuffed crab snack, Dennis steered our boat downriver, through the town of Black River and out to the open sea, towards Pelican Bar.  I’ve been to Pelican Bar several times, both before/after Black River and just on its own from treasure Beach, or even from Negril, with a bus ride first. But some of my friends have never been and must experience it, so we will stop there for drinks and to hang out a bit on our way back to Treasure Beach.

As we pulled up to Pelican, I saw a large catamaran “parked” nearby. 
What was it? It was, as it turned out, an Island Routes tour group from
Sandals Whitehouse. 

And it was loading up dozens of people, 4-5 at a time, into a zodiac to take them out to the catamaran.

We were able to get out of Dennis’ boat and get into Pelican Bar but there was really no point going IN – the place was absolutely packed. Imagine visiting a small bar on bamboo stilts on a sandbar a mile offshore of one of the quietest parts of Jamaica and finding it too crowded to sit or move or order a drink? Yep, that’s now the case on Wednesdays and some Fridays, when Sandals fills a boat and brings their people out. I will never go at that time again.

Fortunately, they were leaving, and though it took a half hour or so for them to completely load up and leave, things were considerably more laid back once they left.

Here is the bar as we left, much more what I think of when I htink of Pelican.

Though the crowd was a bit of a bummer, Pelican Bar is absolutely worth visiting.  In the past I’ve played dominoes, eaten delicious seafood, had more than a couple of red stripes and met some cool people. I’ll go back again, of course.

A previous visit:  http://www.travelsinjamaica.com/2008/12/jamaica-day-10ish-still-in-treasure.html

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