7: Great Bay and Step’s Finger Licking Food

One day my friend and I took a scooter ride to Great Bay. I hadn’t been in a few years so had to ask directions to find the “good” road out there. At one turnoff, a woman waiting for a taxi by the road confirmed we were headed in the right direction. As an aside, she mentioned that she had a new restaurant in Great Bay and invited us to stop by. 

We did, though she had just returned from shopping and wasn’t ready to cook yet. She gave us her card and we said we’d come by later in the week when our entire group planned a scooter ride  together.

Here’s our pack of scooters, parked under a tree for shade.

On that day, we first rode out to Fort Charles, on the extreme western end of Treasure Beach, heading towards Parrotee. The roads were really rough and rain was coming, so we made a quick stop at The Cove (formerly Button Bay). We enjoyed wonderful drink service there from Marlene and I think it is  a place I’d like to revisit in the future. I called Miss Joycelyn Stephenson (owner of Step’s Finger Licking Food) to let her know we were coming and we turned our scooters east, towards Great Bay.

I love Great Bay. It’s got the longest sandy beach in the area and is almost always calm and lovely for swimming. The beach is protected by Pedro Bluff, which forms the eastern edge of the beach.

The western edge has a couple of villas and there are one or two guesthouses in the area as well.

There are two bars on the beach with thatch sitting areas, one says it is a restaurant too but we didn’t try it.

These were taken from the bar on the left.

Here’s Step’s:

Here is Step’s as seen from the beach, which it sits directly on, to the right of the bars as you face them from the water. If you don’t see it, it’s “behind Benny’s Bar”. That’s the yellow building in this picture:

Here is another view from her place.

She has two very clean restrooms, you really can’t miss them 😉

But the star here is definitely the food. She prepared an entire spread for us and it was DELICIOUS.  Rice and peas, Chicken fricasee with veggies (wow that was the BEST), fry chicken and salad. Cost of this delicious food all made from scratch and served right on the beach? $500J per person. That’s $5US. Yes indeed.

Here is Joyceleyn explaining what she prepared for us:

A plate:


There are tables in the restaurant as well as a little bar to look out at the water while you eat.

Miss Joycelyn and her family just opened Step’s in January of 2013, the business is very new. She has a lot of ideas for expansion. She talked about building a thatch roof covered area for outdoor seating. She talked about how quiet Great Bay is, visitor-wise, and how her husband, who has been a fisherman, might bring visitors from the busier areas of TB (Calabash/Frenchmans area) over to Great Bay for sunset and dinner by boat, then back afterwards. She wants to grow the business, hire people, improve the community and bring more people out to Great Bay. She is an absolutely lovely woman with dreams, and she welcomes sponsors.

Stop by (give her a call first for a special order), and see what she has going on there. This is a family business with a great product that is well worth supporting.

Step’s Finger Licking Food
Jocelyn Stephenson
Great Bay, St. Elizabeth JA.
Email: [email protected]

I unequivocally recommend coming by for a meal and a chat.

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  1. i stopped in there in march. my wife and i are going back to TB this week and plan to go again.

    nice blog. my wife and i live in the states and travel to JA 3 or 4 times a year. she is from kingston. we share the same sentiment as you regarding what negril has turned into over the last 20 years. we still go there occasionally, but prefer other areas of the island now.

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