6: Food, Glorious Food

This one goes out to all my foodie friends who love Jamaican food as much as I do….

The best food of the trip was served, of course, at our villa. The Mar Blue staff knows their stuff and not only listened to what we wanted (“anything Jamaican, fish and chicken, no red meat or pork”) but also put a fine twist on everything served.

Our table was set beautifully for every meal.

My friend Tommy was our official food photographer, most of the following are his.

Curry chicken, dasheen, yam, veggies
Yes that’s bacon. Bacon doesn’t count in “no pork” rules, everyone knows that.
Melt-in-your-mouth lobster. We ordered this in March, as we arrived in April when lobster cannot be harvested as it is their breeding time. A few businesses are licensed to freeze and store it for 3 weeks into April, a deadline we just made.
Fruit with breakfast every morning
Chicken foot soup. Tastes a lot better than it looks – this one didn’t last long.
A sandwich of beef patty on coco bread. Because sometimes, patty pastry just isn’t carby enough.

Jerk chicken, irish potato, yam and veggies.
Chicken fricasee, fry chicken, salad and rice and peas. This came from Step’s cookshop on the beach in Great Bay. I’ll be writing an entire post on our visit with her.
Final night dinner: garlic shrimp and lobster
Mackerel rundown with boiled banana and I think the veg that makes bammy…cassava
More fruit, that’s pineapple and mango
Seasoned sauteed callaloo breakfast with johnnycakes and fried plantain
Jerk lobster from Little Ochie
Ackee and saltfish with breadfruit and plantain – my favorite breakfast!
On Black River we stopped at Sister Lou’s for some stuffed crab.
Callaloo and cheese omelet
Tamarind balls
Little Ochi feast included curry crab, curry conch, grilled conch, roast fish, jerk fish, festival and all kinds of stuff. It was a massive seafood nosh.

Got this pic of the foil-roast fish a bit late…
We were happy and full every time 🙂
Hey, that’s not food….
I’ll get to Little Ochie, Step’s in Great Bay and Sister Lou’s in separate posts.
Photos mostly courtesy of Tommy, with a couple from China.

Hungry yet?

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