4: Scooter rides in Treasure Beach (yay!)

I love to rent cars and scooters and bicycles in Jamaica. It’s really nice to have my own wheels because it expands my independent travel range. As we are a group of seven I opted not to rent a car this time. But I did reserve a scooter for myself with Kevin (Smurf) at Treasure Tours. Kevin’s scooters are all new and are very reasonably priced, particularly if you want one for several days.

Treasure Tours arranged for Kevin to deliver mine to Mar Blue on noon of my first full day (Saturday), which I had to push back to Sunday since Delta messed up my arrival. And yes…I said “deliver”. I’ve rented scooters in Negril before but never had one delivered to my hotel. And, it was full of gas. At even the best places in Negril, the first errand is always the gas station because they rent scooters near empty. Always. It’s a pain in the butt and I was amazed that I could skip that hassle here.

The scooter I’d reserved was a “small” one, meaning 80cc.  It was brand new and plenty powerful for me. It had an interesting feature that i really wish I’d videotaped…it talked to me. When I started it, it welcomed me. When I signaled a turn, it urged me to be cautious and make the turn….over and over until I turned the signal back off. When I turned the scooter off, it reminded me to lock up and not leave any belongings. It was really cute at first, then became a tad annoying after a few days. But everywhere I went, from the gas station to the supermarket, people in earshot would smile and laugh at it with me 🙂

Here I am taking a friend for a ride.

I did wear a helmet almost all the time, I think in this pic I just hadn’t put it on yet 🙂

Here we are setting down the road from Mar Blue.

When Kevin came to deliver the scooter, I realized I knew him! He grew up down the lane from Sparkling Waters villa where I’d stayed a few years before. When I wanted to get out for an afternoon, he was my driver and we went to Great Bay, hung out, hiked down to the water and had a great time. I wrote about that day here in my blog.  So it was nice to see him. He had more scooters and we all agreed the group would rent them all together on our last day, but for now only one friend, China, wanted to have one for the entire trip.

One day we all went out on scooters.  We rode out to Fort Charles where honestly the roads were so bad we couldn’t go very fast at all. Then we doubled back and went to Great Bay, where the roads are actually among the best in the TB bays. We also went up to Crossroads to shop. If it hadn’t begun to rain that day we’d have explored a lot more of the hills. The roads are better as soon as you leave the coast for some reason.



Kevin who rents the scooters is known as “Smurf” and  his big bikes have Smurfs on them 🙂


When we all rented one of decided she wasn’t comfortable driving – she’d never ridden before – so I took her on my bike. Since I had a passenger I got upgraded to the bigger scooter, the blue Smurf one  🙂

China and I decided to take a ride while some in the group went to the
market in Black River with our chef on our first scooter day. I’ll write more about where we went next post.

Once again, to rent a scooter in Treasure Beach, contact Treasure Tours.

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  1. That would make him a very busy dude as he runs the scooters and drives for Treasure Tours, but it certainly could be. He didn't mention it to me. I do know why he's called Smurf and I can't imagine there being two in TB 🙂

  2. The road to Ft Charles Beach has been improved, also past the beach is very nice to explore. Don’t worry people are very friendly and helpful out in the country. Salt of the earth

  3. I have decided to rent a car as a mode of transportation, mainly for getting from MBJ airport to Treasure beach and back. Now Im wondering should I opt out a rental car and go for a scooter?? Any advice for a yankee… I never drove on the left side of the road, but I am a fast learner and very cautious. 3rd trip to Jamaica…first time driving there.

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