2a: Some Q & A on Treasure Beach from a longtime Negril visitor

I got some good questions about Treasure Beach on another forum and would like to post them, and my answers here as well, in case others wondered the same.

You mentioned that you rented a scooter while in TB. Are they readily available there? 

They are now. Kevin (Smurf) at Treasure Tours rents them, he has 8 of them. Different sizes from 80cc to 150cc, I believe. We had 7 of them at one point, perhaps I’ll write that part of the blog next.

I realize the beaches in the area aren’t white like Negril but are there
nice ones to just lounge around and relax? Is the water generally clear
like Negril or is there more of a surf coming in? 

Yes there are. The one we went to most often at Old Wharf is accessible from the road and has a nice shaded grassy area and a nice sandy area. The thing is, there aren’t any bars or services on it so it is mostly used by people who live near it, but it’s no problem for anyone to swim there.
It was always calm during our trip, but so were all of them this time.
I’ve seen some with waves, when Hurricane Paloma passed by a few years back the water kicked up a lot, but that would be true in Negril too.

The beach that is perhaps most like Negril’s is Great Bay. It’s long and sandy and calm and has 3 bars on it, and 2 restaurants (maybe more, but those I counted). There are a couple of lovely villas for rent right on the beach, and some less $$ places to stay quite near. Jeannie usually stays here so she knows many of them, I believe.

Calabash Bay and Frenchmans Bay are most central. If you like to walk to restaurants, bars etc like in Negril, staying on one of these is for you. Frenchmans has Eggy’s beach bar on it, and Frenchman’s Reef, and Calabash has a tiny bar by the fishing co-op…I think. Plenty of cafes, bars, night spots, restaurants etc along the road.   And Sunset Resort too.   The road is NOT busy, ever as far as I know, so walking along it is quite easy. We walk right in the middle of it most of the time. Jake’s and Jack Sprat are in this area.  These bays are usually calm but can be body-surfable if the weather is right.

Billys Bay, like Great Bay, is a bit more remote from the “main” area of TB, but that beach is also nice for swimming and hanging out and has several villas on it, and several guesthouses close by. There is only one bar, near the fishing beach, but I sure enjoyed hanging out there when I stayed there a few years ago. Dominoes with locals, a few beers…very chill.

How does it compare to the Port Antonio area? 

It is much drier and has a lot less traffic. The nearest major towns are
Black River and Santa Cruz and both are a half hour away. The south
coast highway is a half hour away. The area is mostly farmland.

There is plenty to see and do, but it’s also possible to just chill.

You do NOT need a car in TB if you stay central (Old Wharf, Calabash or Frenchmans area). There are charter taxis and there are route taxis, though the route taxis don’t run as frequently as busier areas. You can rent scooters. You can walk. Portland, that’s harder.

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4 Replies to “2a: Some Q & A on Treasure Beach from a longtime Negril visitor”

  1. I loved my visit to Treasure Beach, I stayed at Jake's. I also enjoyed my visits to Negril. You really cannot compare these two destinations primarily because they are so different. Treasure Beach is almost rural but Negril is a bustling town, now. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. Both are great places to visit.

  2. Great info and pics! I stumbled upon your site looking for Treasure Beach info. We're staying in Negril and are planning a day trip to Pelican Bar and was thinking about checking out someplace in TB for the remainder of the day. Suggestions? Low key is good but someplace with light food and esepcially cold beer.

  3. Mikey there are so many options. Eggy's is right on the beach (Frenchmans) and the beer is definitely cold. Jack Sprat has great food and drinks and tables and a little beach of its own. Your boat can drop you right at either one.

    Jake's is a cool spot too, a bit of a TB institution, also seafront.

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