2: Around Old Wharf in Treasure Beach, 2013

Our villa, Mar Blue, has tide pools directly in front of it on the water.

It was fun to wade in them and look for little fish and crabs and things.

are many sandy beaches in Treasure Beach. We had two very close to our
villa: Calabash Bay beach, about a 2 minute walk west, and Old Wharf
beach, a 5 minute walk to the east.

Here I am walking to Calabash, accompanied by our dog-for-the-week Runaway Jenn (thanks to Yurple Bliss for this photo). This is where we watched the sun set most nights too.

(thanks Smitty for that sunset above)

 But for swimming in purely beautiful clear water with sand and perfect depth and waves (none), I loved the Old Wharf beach best:

My friend Dennis’ sunset tour boat is parked here for the season, at least..it marks the beach nicely.

Here we are enjoying a swim (thanks again Smitty for the pic):

You see “our” dog Runaway Jenn (she was named Runaway Jim the first day until one of our more observant friends informed the rest of the group that “Jim” is a girl). She watched us swim every day, and walked with us whenever we went somewhere on the road.   One day I decided to swim out to deep water from this cove, alone. She jumped in and swam out to me and encouraged me to come back in to the rest of the group 🙂  Our staff said she did belong to a house somewhere, not ours, but she was often around. Sometimes when we walked on the road she would walk with us to a point where another dog would “pick us up” and walk with us for awhile. Jenn would go back home and wait for us to walk back. My friends said this happened on one long walk with 3 different dogs 🙂

Here she is playing with another dog:

A cool looking guesthouse between Mar Blue and our swimming beach:

Here’s another beach house on that stretch:

And this new addition to Old Wharf:

All due respect to the owner of  this home and his/her personal taste, but I can’t think of a more out-of-place or impractical beach home than this. When I walked around the road side I saw these are for sale, in a modular way. Good luck, I guess.

Some of us preferred to stay put at Mar Blue, and really, with this spot wouldn’t you? (Thanks to my friend Tommy Tunz for this one).

We saw a dolphin playing out in front of the villa one day, that was really cool. Here we are, looking.

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9 Replies to “2: Around Old Wharf in Treasure Beach, 2013”

  1. Thanks for sharing Liz. I almost made it to Treasure Beach last week but we ended up in Parottee instead. Think I'll do a couple days here on our next trip.

  2. I'm headed to TB for a week of total "going native"…..3rd trip to Jamaica—& can't find a place I like better. I was at TB once severl years back—for the day & I made a mental note to come back
    Wild hair, barefooten & lookin for my slice of paradise..

  3. Shallow Bar is up on the green at Lewis Town all beautifully restored and painted. Would have loved to have seen it being taken back down to the sea!

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