10: Dinner at Little Ochi in Alligator Pond

After swimming at Gut River and soaking in the waters of Milk River Spa, we were more than ready for dinner.  The drive back along the lonely coast road was lovely. We passed by Canoe Valley environmental center at Alligator Hole but opted not to stop…doing so means a rowboat ride down the river to see the manatees – if they want to be seen – and we were definitely ready to eat.  Right on our way back to Treasure Beach is Alligator Pond, a community surrounded on two sides by mountians and the other by sea, with just a couple of roads leading in and out of it. One is this coast road we’ve been on all day.

I’ve been to Little Ochi, came for dinner in 2006. For an area that is supposed to be one of the driest in Jamaica, it is raining this time and it was last time I was there too. We left our rental car lights on that time and our battery died. We got a jump from some guys who used a wire hanger as no one had jumper cables. It worked 🙂

Kevin and Lee have both been several times, too. But no one else in the group has and I’m happy to take them for some serious seafood feasting.

Little Ochi is a restaurant right on the beach. It attracts people from all over Jamaica, I’ve met folks who came from Kingston for lunch before. Tables are up on covered wooden platforms or are in some cases boats on stilts converted into tables. When you arrive, you walk into a bar area and are greeted by a server who takes you through the process of choosing your fish or shellfish (crab, lobster, shrimp, conch and many kinds of fish, all sold by the pound for the ones you pick), choosing a preparation for it (jerk or curry or steamed or roasted in foil or garlic)  and getting a table out on the beach.

It’s a little unusual in that everyone can choose their own one thing to eat or we could order a lot of stuff and share. We settled on a combination  of the two, sharing some crab, fish, shrimp and conch  and a few people wanted lobster so ordered that separately.

My friend China took a lot of photos of us doing that while I helped get everything ordered.

My friend Smitty in that pic was STARVING…we got him some soup ASAP while we got our order together 🙂

We got a couple of these huge crabs and had one curried and one garlic…yum.


Tommy took a few too, this was looking out from our table:

Some of our food…festival, curry conch, curry crab, jerk fish….

Foil roast fish already gone….it was delicious 🙂

Here are a few photos from the last time I was at Little Ochi…I don’t think I blogged about it.

Cooking area:

Fish to choose from:

Looking out from a table:

The beach:

The tables…this time we were in the one closest to the restaurant because it was raining.

The beach looking west towards Port Kaiser where bauxite for aluminum is loaded onto ships…or was, the plant is closed in 2009 awaiting a better global economy.

Kids swimming

Our food in 2006:

Looking landward:

Part of the Alligator Pond beach.

This day was probably my favorite one of this trip, though we certainly had fun every day. I got to check a couple of items off my bucket list and really enjoyed seeing places I hadn’t seen before. Our dinner was ridiculous…the cost was around $40 each to totally pig out on tons of seafood and we had a lot of leftovers to bring back.

We left at 11AM and made it back to Treasure Beach just as the sun was setting, around 6:30. Treasure Tours offers several suggested tours that are similar including this one:  http://treasuretoursjamaica.com/montage.cfm?id=108&type=tour – we basically substituted Gut River for the manatees and added Little Ochi. Give them a look for any tours in and around TB, their staff is top notch and their prices very reasonable.

Little Ochi has a web site too.

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5 Replies to “10: Dinner at Little Ochi in Alligator Pond”

  1. I lived on the South Coast Rd.2 miles eeast of Alligator Pond. I raised goats and fished I raised my Children there.I use to go up to Gut’s River with the kids and swim there .This was 1975 – 1980 If you think it was desolate now.I had no TV no telephone ,no electricity I had a generator that I would run for electricity.It was heaven. I wouldn’t have moved back to the USA except when Cocaine started hitting the Island in 79 things got very ugly fast I was robbed by gun men in 1980 and my car stolen and I just had to leave .My house is still there and my Friend Jolly Williams and his family are there. Your articles made me home sick I want to go back and visit soon. Thanks

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! It is such an incredibly gorgeous area, such a shame that crime ruined your time there. I hope you get the chance to visit home from time to time 🙂

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