Catcha Falling Star Gardens in Negril (April 2010)

I had a lovely stay at this hotel on the west end of Negril, so thought I’d post a few photos and a review.

I was with a rock band, many of whom stayed at Catcha Gardens – we had probably 5 rooms there.  This one is a lower level one that belonged to a friend:

Catcha Falling Star took over this property from LTU Villas in late 2009, I believe. So when we stayed in April Catcha was just decorating the place in their style, planting flowers and such. This is a little sitting area in the yard that they created.

Looking at a typical building…I think there are 6 total for 12 units? Not sure, but each room has its own floor here, with full length balcony and hammock.  This is the office.

This is the view from the street of the entrance and office. It is located just past Rick’s Cafe, across from LTU Pub.

This is Catcha Gardens manager – she is fantastic, wonderful, can’t say enough good things about the entire staff here. From the woman who cleaned my room to the security guards to management…everyone is SO helpful and friendly.

A second level porch.

We had the only 2 bedroom unit, this is the larger of the two rooms.  All the second floor units have really nice vaulted ceilings.

Same room. The double doors lead to our porch.

I was very comfortable here, and for the price it is hard to beat rooms with air conditioning, porches, hammocks, refrigerators, lovely landscaping and location.  With the incredible Catcha Falling Star team in charge, I expect this place to get even better.

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  1. HI Liz, too funny, I was googling images for catcha gardens to see if I could get a pic of the new June Rose room and found your blog again. lol. Great stuff..wonderful writing and great pics. Thanks C

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