A stop at Font Hill, St. Elizabeth

I have always wanted to see Font Hill as I’ve read about it and heard about it for many years. It’s a public beach and nature preserve just into the western side of the parish of St. Elizabeth  on the south coast.

In April 2010 I was driving the south coast “highway”  from Treasure Beach, where I had spent a few days relaxing before heading to Negril. On the road that day, driving alone, just me and my car stereo, I passed the signs for Font Hill and decided this was the day I’d see it.

The woman at the gate allowed me to come in without charge to take a few photos and look around, I didn’t have time to stay long.

Here is the beach park area…

Entrance heading to main beach.

Main beach. Small but clean and clear.

Covered picnic area

Lockers to store your stuff


Rules and stuff.

Now NEXT time, I want to go in the morning and take the ranger-led tour of the wild part of Font Hill. There are more and larger beaches, mangrove swamps, trails, and supposedly you can see crocodiles and other wildlife.   The beach park area that I visited is a very small part of the nature preserve.  See the little tiny white sand beach at the top of the red line? That is the public beach park. See ALLLLLL the rest? That is the nature preserve and look at the much larger beach south of it?  Next time…
I’m told there may be some urgency to doing this sooner than later as the property, currently protected by the government, may be sold to a developer. Here’s a great video about it, and the danger.  The potential sale of the land was in 2010, I believe the global recession has slowed those plans down to some degree, but I will be following developments in case it seems likely again.

If you watch that video, you can see that I only scratched the surface of Font Hill and all that is there. The place clearly deserves a full day.

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