Jamaica June 2009: 2 – Runaway Bay

This trip report will have to be a bit different than most, because I didn’t take notes and I didn’t take very many photos.  The days blur a bit, divided into the lazy days in Runaway bay with T, resort hopping, and my time in Kingston.

I woke up for my first full day in Jamaica in my comfy bed in my spacious air conditioned room with the door to the porch literally over the water.  I opened that door up first thing, then wandered into the kitchen to get some coffee together.  Enjoyed that and a book on the porch for awhile, just looking out at the sea.

This was taken in the evening but you get the idea. Our porches look exactly like these porches next door:


And this is the view…again at sunset. During the day it was BRIGHT out here:

I like to swim.  A lot. T was still asleep so I went to check out the beach and pool.  Our villa was one of 4, all on the water, all sharing a pool and beach area and some tennis courts.

I checked out the beach but honestly it wasn’t that appealing…the tide was very low and it would be difficult to go in and float or swim without going out pretty far, so I opted for the pool.  I had it to myself every time I swam there.


Well, not quite to myself:

I have a video of him…he kept drinking the pool water. Tipping down into it like one of those birds that you put next to a drink and it dips its head into it and back up.

Things were quiet here…it was midweek, and I am not sure any of the villa owners actually live here, it seems to be more of a holiday home for them.  I never had to fight for a lounge chair or floaty at the pool 🙂

After some exercise and lounging I went back to the villa and T was up. Today we’d again go to Breezes, it was so close.  We had a late breakfast there and hung out at the beach and pool for awhile, then lunch, then back to the villa to relax before dinner and the night out.

The afternoons at the villa were spent napping or reading books, or chatting on the porch. I had my laptop with me this trip because in order to get away in June I had to be able to work. I didn’t even tell my clients I was gone this trip, I just dealt with whatever came up as I would if I were home. It was a bit of an experiment for me, to see if I could really work there. I checked in with clients every day, put out fires, and did what i had to do….probably not more than an hour or two a day.  It was useful to learn that i could, in fact, take my work with me to Jamaica and stay there for a long time if I chose.  One of many upsides to self-employment 🙂

We went back to Breezes for a late dinner and stayed for the show afterward. That’s the night we met Tammy T and Klyve, two very talented singers, sister and brother.  I never expected to be wowed by a resort band but both T and I stared at each other with open mouths when they began to sing. Just incredible voices.  We met them at set break and had a nice chat…turns out they tour with Etana and do resort gigs when they are in Jamaica. Really nice people too.  Lee took this photo at a different event, jazzfest or something, but this is them. If you get the opportunity, don’t miss their show.



We had a great evening here, hanging out with staff that T knew, meeting guests, enjoying ourselves. I think Drummy took us home again this night.

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