Jamaica March 2009: 25 – Luminous Lagoon and Out

When I returned from my adventure in the Cockpits I caught up with J&M, who’d had their own adventure that day. They went out on a fishing boat and got chased by dolphins, visited a deserted beach and even caught a couple of fish. Another time I’d love to do that.

They want to go check out Glistening Waters/Luminous Lagoon. I’ve been before, about 2 years ago, but it’s 10 minutes from Bar and Cher’s so I’m up for it. After dinner we hop in the car with our friend’s son, he has never been.

Last time I went we had our own boat but this night there were a couple of large tour groups so we had to share.  I would say the glowing effect was only so-so this time. The boat engine made a glow, but not the fish and just a trailing hand, as had been the case last time.  Our guide Jerry said the microorganisms that glow go deeper in the water when it’s colder, and so are harder to see. He did lower a bucket and bring up glowing water, and that was fun.

Our friend’s son took a few photos of people swimming. I swam last time, but opted to stay dry this time.

These birds seem to love nesting in this tree, I have a photo of them from last time.

It was $10 or $15 per person for the boat ride and I’m glad we went. But in the future I’d make sure the water is warm and the moon dark before going again.

I don’t have any more photos in my camera from this trip. I knew already that I’d be back in June, less than 3 months away. The typical last night, last morning wasn’t nearly as bittersweet given that I’d soon be back.

I did go for a final swim in the ocean the next morning, before my friend Lee picked me up and took me to MoBay. We had time to shop for a few gifts and grab lunch together, and that was nice.

This trip was an interesting one in many ways…as I look back over my blog I see 25 entries for it. Wow. I was only there for 16 days 🙂  But it was a packed 16 days…the sort of trip I always wanted to do, where I  had time to travel wherever I wanted to, to relax, to go adventuring, to hang out with friends, to find new places to love.

I learned that having a loose idea of where to go and people to see is nice but firm plans aren’t for me.

I confirmed to myself that I am perfectly capable of moving around on my own.

And I remembered that while a trip to Jamaica is  exhilarating, relaxing, fascinating and fun, I am always glad to go home when it’s over.

As I get ready to return in less than a month, I’m glad I got to finish this trip’s blog. Perhaps I’ll even get that June ’09 trip’s thoughts together before I head for the place I’ve come to love so much, again.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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