Jamaica March 2009: 23 – Caves and Beaches and Chinese

After we left the beach, J&M wanted to check out a Chinese restaurant in Duncans that Barry said was new and good. J is Chinese-American and was eager to see what Chinese-Jamaican food might be like.  I needed to hit the ATM so we all piled into a car and took the 5-10 minute drive into Duncans.

I am on the porch of the restaurant here, looking at the parking lot. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but seeing the sign from the back, Garden something….

We went in and the menu had Jamaican and Chinese dishes. I ordered curry goat, and J began discussing the menu with the owner in Cantonese (mom, dad, if you are reading this…I just can’t get away from this phenomenon can I?). Next thing I know he’s back in the kitchen showing the owner exactly how he wants his ginger-scallion fish done, after having picked out the exact fish from a passing fisherman, of course.  Turns out he cooked in a restaurant at one point. It was great.  We took our food to go and headed back down to the inn.

More of downtown Duncans, or rather, mechanic shop at Duncans and adjacent parking lot the actual town center is much cuter than this lot might suggest. While we waited for the food I took these in the parking lot.

“2K9” – I like it.

This house was right behind the restaurant.

No problem getting cell service anywhere, you see why:

The food was delicious, we ate it in the tiki bar at Jamaica Jewel.  Next up, Barry had promised to show us a cave. A “slave cave”, not mapped, and local – walkable in fact.

We set off. Made one stop to visit a friend who owns a lovely home in the area and whose puppies were in some way related to Barry and Cher’s puppies….or whose birds were related to Fiyah…there was a pet connection. Anyway it was a nice visit.

Here we go….

Right on down in there….

I am not bringing up the rear here because I am scared. I swear. Caves and I are all good. As long as they don’t have a low roof, lots of water or involve crawling or bats.  So far this one is OK…steps, even.

OK now THIS is my kind of cave – open on top!!  These tree roots came fro ma tree way above our heads…I am not sure exactly how this works but roots will find water however they have to, I suppose.

With trees and everything.

We did pass through a cave part but the cool thing was, it was never dark. (I’m not too into pitch dark caves either).  This is where we’d been in a room, of sorts, then came out into what I would call a courtyard.

Bat holes. Didn’t see any bats but i bet if we were here at dusk….

Barry said this is a well that slaves used, that they did stuff here…hid here, relaxed here, he wasn’t sure.

Bats I expected, snails not so much. But there they were.

It was really neat to see.  By the time we walked back I was ready for a swim (again). Hey, it’s hot.

J&M and I took a hike down to the far end of Duncans Bay Beach, to a part that isn’t sandy. I’d never walked down there before, the swimming is really nice right where we usually come on, and I was warned about swimming down on this end. But we found really neat tide pools. Water shoes are definitely required for this part of the beach.

Looking back to “our” part – white sand and no rocks.  That roof is Leroy’s, waaaaay in the distance.  There are a handful of houses along this beach, not many. It is really a special place.

Lots of little critters in these pools.

Like this urchin:

Or something.

You can see we are on the end of the beach where stuff washes up. Makes for great sealife, swimming not so much. It makes me appreciate our end of the beach which is sandy and clean and absolutely perfect for swimming.

As we reach the end, we turn around and find a shortcut to the road and head back.

Cool day in Duncans, and we never went more than about 3 miles 🙂

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