Jamaica March 2009: 22 – Duncans Bay

When I arrive at Jamaica Jewel Barry and Cher are there to greet me. I set up in the downstairs apartment this time, guests are expected for the upstairs one. They’ve rented a car and are heading over from the airport now.  Cher has an idea of dinner for them and I’m psyched to eat that too, so I enjoy a cold drink and just chill. I usually head right to the beach but I have a feeling the new guests might like to head there too so I’ll wait and see if they want to go together.

Soon enough they arrive…a lovely couple from NYC on their first trip to Jamaica. I’m impressed they found Duncans Bay, usually we have to visit Jamaica a few times to find a gem like this 🙂  They are totally game to go see the beach so I wait for them to settle in and we walk over together.  We promise to be back soon for dinner.

…right to Leroy’s Bar on the fishing beach.Here’s the menu and some…um…artwork. Jamaica’s version of a biker bar, you might say. Sort of.

I hope you can see the prices here. No meal more than $240 – that’s less than $3US. Welcome to not-touristy Jamaica.

The band is practicing…they play here every Saturday night but this day they are rehearsing for a wedding up in the hills somewhere. Free show for us 🙂

We walk back to Ja Jewel for a lovely dinner which we all eat in the outdoor bar area. After dinner my fellow guests (who I’ll call J&M), went up to their suite to hang out.  I stayed up a little longer but also went to bed fairly early, tomorrow is a full day in Duncans and we are doing stuff.

Here is the view I wake up to when I open my bedroom door:

Taken literally from my bed:

On the porch:

Looking from the porch…it’s very dry right now but the garden is still lovely:

I zoom in my camera, the beach is just behind that house above.

It’d probably be nice if i took photos before i threw my clothes around and unmade the bed, but oh well.

Alex, Cher and Barry’s friend’s son, comes by. He’s 12 or 13 and I like him a lot. We met last time I was here and he offers to show me what’s going on in the garden since last year.



My attempt at an artistic up-in-the-sky shot:


Here’s my porch, from the garden.

I eat breakfast (fresh fruit, coffee, juice, ackee, saltfish, toast – YUM!) with Barry and Cher, J&M eat upstairs on their deck.  After breakfast we all gather to walk to the beach and this time, swim and stay awhile.  This time the real tour guides come with us 🙂

…and here it is, the lovely, undeveloped, absolutely gorgeous, Duncans Bay beach park. The varying shades of turquoise just kill me, every time. I know you want to jump in, I do.

We enjoy the morning in the water, swimming and playing. We chat with Edwin, the “oldest fisherman on the beach”, and discuss what we might do today. Barry is available to show us some things, and J&M & I agree to spend the day more or less together seeing them.

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