Jamaica March 2009: 21 – Kingston to Duncans Bay via Faith’s Pen

Ricardo picked me up right on time. I bid farewell to T, who I will see again in 3 months, and we hit the road. Through town, out the super-highway and onto the main road to Ochi we go.

At Flat Bridge, the Rio Cobre is calm.

Do people hike around here? Looks like there must be places….

Coming around the bend….these giant boulders must get thrown up here when the river is raging, as I saw it last trip.  This time it looks downright wadeable.

I’m hungry.  A place I had seen photos of and always wanted to check out is Faith’s Pen. Called that, or “the truck stop”, it is right on the main road between Ochi and Kingston.  It’s comprised of a long line of fast food stands.

Set right up against a cliff.

As soon as I stepped out of the car I was approached by several guys who wanted me to shop at THEIR stand.  But I just said I wanted to walk up and down and check everyone out, and they were fine with that. I did check everyone out, and took these photos too.

There was jerk chicken, roast corn, escoveitch fish, patties, every kind of soup you can imagine, brown stew chicken, fish stew, festival, ackee and saltfish, drinks…lots of overlap between shops but different recipes and variations at each one.

I settled on some escoveitch fish and festival from this stand.  The drinks I wanted were sent for from a second stand. For all the competition on arrival, everyone seemed to work together quite well to get together all the things I wanted to buy  🙂

We came through Fern Gully (I have taken photos of it before,they are always dark and blurry. So it goes in a very shady place one passes through at high speed).  Coming out on the north coast at St. Ann’s Bay, we turn to the west.

It’s been dry, bush fires are burning everywhere.

Sooner than I think, we arrive in Duncans Bay.  All I can say is….ahhh. The quiet, the sun, the peaceful empty roads….I am back in one of my favorite spots in Jamaica to finish up my trip.

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