Jamaica March 2009: 20 – Kingston

I arrived at T’s house in Kingston just after dark.  Enough time to shower and change and get ready to head out with some friends to Red Bones to see Rootz Underground.

This was my first time going out at night in uptown Kingston. I didn’t really have clothes for it, really only had my backpacker-ey, beachwear clothes,  and people dress up here. But my friends lent me an appropriate top and accessories and I was deemed good to go 🙂

There was a cover charge, but not for dinner guests, so a friend made a dinner reservation for 8 or so of us and got a table with a great view of the stage to boot.

Food was very good-  expensive by my Jamaican travel standards but not at all by, oh, NYC restaurant standards. And we did get into the show for free.  And what a show it was. I love Rootz Underground and it was nice to see them in Negril, but Kingston is home turf for them and it showed. The place was packed  to the gills, both inside and outside. I met so many people that night there is no way I can remember names 🙂

We stayed out quite late…as a matter of fact had a small party at the house afterward that involved lots of  reasoning late into the night.  As a result, the following day was a quiet one, spent relaxing at the house.

There was some kind of high school championship track meet going on at the National Stadium, I could see it on TV while seeing and hearing the crowd from the veranda.

There was an incident with the neighbor’s dogs that night…rough night for everyone. I could write about it, but I am not sure if it’s appropriate.

In any case, I was well ready to climb into bed that night….getting up to head to Duncans Bay in the morning.

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